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Nightmare Fuel / The Elder Scrolls

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You do not want to catch Corprus Disease.
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  • The whole enchanting business, if one thinks about it. What do you use to empower or enchant your items? Soul gems. Binding a being's soul to a gem and then using that gem to drain their spiritual energy to make an enchanted item. The concept of having your soul ripped from your body and transferred to a gem, then to a weapon where your existence presumably dissolves as you power the item with your existence is bad enough. But then imagine those who don't suffer this fate and are trapped in a soul gem forever. Doesn't that remind you of Fullmetal Alchemist?
    • Oblivion also introduces us to Black Soul Gems, which exist specifically to trap human souls (which is otherwise impossible).
    • They wish it was just And I Must Scream. As the next game shows, it's somehow even worse.
    • With the addition of the Dawnguard DLC came the Soul Cairn, a plane of Oblivion to which human souls that have been captured in Black Soul Gems are sent after the soul gems are used up. The piles of bones everywhere are to be expected of what is essentially a graveyard dimension, but the true horror is the fact that all of these souls are in a permanent And I Must Scream state. If you talk to any of the unnamed souls, they will occasionally say that they feel like they are constantly being drawn and quartered...
    • Thankfully, the same DLC has Serana clarify that she thinks it's only the Black Soul Gems that send the victims to the Cairn, which excludes the work of most enchanters. Having said that, this is small comfort to the victims that have already been sent there...and even smaller comfort if she's wrong.