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Tear Jerker / The Blue Bird

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The play

  • When Tyltyl and Mytyl visit the Land of the Dead, they see their deceased little siblings in their grandparents’ house. Like their grandparents, the kids have stopped aging and only wish to be remembered by the living. The scene of Tyltyl and Mytyl meeting their grandparents is bittersweet enough already, but them meeting their siblings is a full tear-jerker. And there is more. In the Kingdom of the Future, they meet their yet-unborn baby brother, who greets them happily, asks them about their parents and home – and tells them he is also going to die early, probably after one of the three sicknesses (scarlet fever, whooping cough and measles) he will be having.
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  • In the Kingdom of the Future, there are two kids so devoted to each other that they are known as the Lovers. The boy has to leave to be born, and they have a heart-wrenching farewell, since the girl has to wait many years and will be born after he is dead. They try to plead with the Time not to separate them, but the Time refuses.

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