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Tear Jerker / Star Wars Paranormalities Trilogy

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     Episode I 
  • Maesterus killing Alec Vaelor. Even before their ancestry and other details of the incident are revealed, it's made crystal clear that Maesterus feels horrible about what he has done, whether he is really at fault for it or not.
  • Zolph has it really rough over the course of Episode I. First, he loses both of his parents in a senseless pirate attack. Years later, his friend from the academy, Dynn Manthis, goes missing in action only one week into the Valkoran War, and then shows up again one month later working with the Valkoran. During a fight that follows their reunion, Zolph cuts off Dynn's right arm, which gets replaced with a Forceless symbiote weeks later. Nearly half-a-year later, she is fully possessed, and Zolph's pushed into a Sadistic Choice that forces him to either kill her or be killed by her. After picking the former, he's heavily grief-stricken, and over the course of the next few days, realizes his frustration was misguided. This is best shown in the ending for Episode I, as Zolph has taken out a major Archfiend and destroyed a superweapon, but he feels like he's lost so much and he feels so conflicted about recent developments involving Maesterus, that he doesn't really feel like celebrating.

     Episode II 


     Episode III 


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