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Trivia / Star Wars Paranormalities Trilogy

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  • In Memoriam: Chapter 1 of Episode III was delayed to include a minor role by Leia Organa as a way of paying tribute to Carrie Fisher after she passed away in 2016. Matt has admitted that even though she might show up only once in the story, he felt it needed to be done despite him otherwise being conservative about the usage of canon characters.
  • Schedule Slip: Paranormalities, as highly-developed as it is, Matt works on this project alone, so it can take varying amounts of time to release content for it, whether be it concept art or the chapters themselves. The longest drought between concept art was five months, while it took a year and five months between Episode III's prologue and the first chapter.
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  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: Matt has admitted that even though he has an outline of the narrative in his head, some parts are conceptualized during the writing process, including other characters. This alongside other works and concept art are a factor in the series' Schedule Slip.


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