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Tear Jerker / Star Wars: Bloodline

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  • Casterfo exposing Darth Vader as Leia's father and Korrie and most of the other senators turning their backs on her.
  • Leia's horror at Casterfo being led away to a likely execution on Riosa and her frustration at being unable to save him. Especially because it's the first time in her life that she starts to understand what could have led Anakin to the dark side: anger at being powerless to stop injustice.
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  • Leia's monologue about Darth Vader to Casterfo, where it becomes clear why she can't forgive her father, even posthumously:
    Leia: He made me watch my planet die. He froze Han in Carbonite and sold him to Jabba The Hutt. He cut off my brother's hand and nearly took his life. He tortured me until I screamed and shook and thought I would die from the pain alone. Did you bother to ask yourself how it might feel? To realize the person who had done all this was your father? Can you imagine how terrible it is to realize all you will ever know of your birth father is how much he enjoyed making you suffer? That is what I have to live with.

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