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Tear Jerker / Sirens (US)

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  • The boys respond late to a call and watch from their rig as Cash, Stats, and Voodoo attempt to revive an elderly woman as her husband watches, and they ultimately fail. The elderly man immediately bursts into tears as Stats and Voodoo do what they can to comfort him. This is all seen from the cab of the boys' rig, more or less in silence. Hank and Brian comment about how sad it is while Johnny brushes it off, leading to Hank and Johnny exchanging some snide comments. This actually enhances the sadness of the scene as it reveals just how emotionally damaged Johnny is as he can't let himself honestly respond to a truly tragic situation.
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  • At the end of "Itsy Bitsy Spider", Johnny brings a bottle of Theresa's favorite skin cream to her apartment, only to find a note saying that she's moved out. The apartment's empty, her phone number's been changed, and by all appearances, she's dumped him once and for all. Cue one epic Heroic BSoD. Of course, it all turns out to be a really elaborate and mean prank by Johnny's friends, to get him back for all the shit he's pulled on them throughout the episode...
  • At the end of "Trancendual" Voodoo has a moment where she realizes that Brian is forgoing opportunities to have relationships that would be both emotionally and sexually fulfilling in order to be with her.
  • In "Six Feet Over/Under", we're treated to two genuinely moving scenes where Johnny and his mother confess how they really feel to Johnny's comatose father.

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