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Tear Jerker / Silent Witness

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  • DCI Tom Wimber's health slowly deteriorating throughout "The Meaning of Death" and his death by cancer at the end of the story.
  • Leo Dalton's Heroic Sacrifice at the end of "Greater Love" and the subsequent funeral scene.
    • Seeing Leo again (in flashback form) in the second part of "Awakening", especially as Nikki is remembering something he told her years earlier to try and figure a way out of her predicament. Even though he’s been dead for years at this point, Leo is still helping Nikki from beyond the grave.
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  • In "Awakening", Jack going to pieces in his desperation to find Nikki when she’s kidnapped and buried alive. Especially when both he and Nikki believe it’s too late for them find her alive. Also, Nikki calmly facing her impending death, knowing that she still managed to save the hostages. She remembers playing with her deceased mother on the beach and whispers to herself “I’m coming Mum”. Then, her realising she isn’t buried underground and escape moments later can result in happy tears.
  • In "Bloodlines", Harry finding out that Anna was pregnant when she died. This means there’s a strong possibility he was the father, meaning he not only lost his girlfriend, but his unborn child too. It also makes their last interaction – where Anna argued with Harry over casually dismissing making their relationship more serious – all the worse.
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  • "Undertone" ends of a depressing note. With two young lovers dead (one horrifically tortured), their newborn child orphaned, a cop who became a Fallen Hero and complicate in murder and the drugs trade and his wife who only wanted a child charged with Accidental Murder. Talk about a Downer Ending...
  • "Falling Angels" has a subplot of DI Luke Nelson attempt to clear his mother of the murder of his abusive father. Only for him to discover six year old him was the one of killed him, this shakes him to the core and triggers a Heroic BSoD
    • After coming to terms with the events of the past DI Nelson invites Nikki to meet his mother... Only for it to be revealed she's in care after suffering from a stroke. DI Nelson tells her he understands her choices all those years ago, then starts to break down into tears.


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