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  • After previously stating that he is saving his "emergency contact" designation for someone he truly, unconditionally loves, the ending of the episode reveals that Hank has, in fact, already chosen his emergency contact, and it's Johnny.

Rachel McAdams, Topless:

  • Johnny googles pictures of Rachel McAdams topless because the actress reminds him of Theresa and he misses her.

Famous Last Words:

  • After Brian accidentally upsets a grieving widow, Johnny and Hank concoct a white lie about her husband's dying words to give her some comfort.
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  • Johnny decides to reconnect with his estranged dad. For years, he assumed that his dad walked out on him and his mom in order to marry a younger woman, but after finally tracking down his dad, he learns the truth - that Johnny's mom ended the marriage and Frank chose to keep his distance because he didn't want Johnny to hate his mom.

The Finger:

  • Johnny's a surprisingly good big brother to his little stepbrother Jack. If nothing else, he's certainly a better influence on the kid than his Jerkass dad.
  • Brian spends the episode not really understanding Voodoo's asexuality, but clearly trying despite the jokes the others are making, and ends up bringing her a heartfelt (if weird) gift and telling her that her asexuality doesn't make him like her any less.

Till Jeff Do Us Part:

  • After seeing Hank fall into a depressed funk about his ex-boyfriend's impending marriage, the other EMT's and Theresa all take him out drinking to cheer him up, with Johnny agreeing to go to the wedding with Hak as his date so that he doesn't look so alone.
  • After spending the whole episode convincing himself that his ex never got over him (because his ex is marrying a man who looks just like him), Hank finally meets his ex's new husband and realizes that the guy really is a better fit for his ex. He ends up wishing them well.

There's No "I" in Cream:

  • The guys keep a kid who was caught in a really ugly shooting alert and distracted from the pain by discussing their favorite comic characters and manage to save the kid's life at the same time. They may be screw-ups at least 90% of the time, but they're perfectly competent when it counts.

Shotgun Wedding:

  • After Johnny announces his plans to marry Theresa, and after their plans to keep the wedding small and covert fall apart, Hank goes out and buys Johnny a proper wedding ring so that he doesn't embarrass himself in front of Theresa's parents. It then slides straight into a Funny when Johnny discovers just how much the ring set him back as Theresa and the two mothers gush over the rock.
  • Voodoo reveals that she considers Brian giving her a severed finger to be a special gesture, indicating that she, in her own way, sees him as more than a friend. Brian is pleased, but makes sure to mention that he won't be providing her with anymore severed extremities.

Johnny Nightengale:

  • Brian takes an accident victim to her prom (with her parents' permission, of course) after she's dumped by her date because of her facial injuries and makes sure that she has the time of her life.


  • Meta example: This Twitter conversation between Kevin Bigley (Brian) and a fan of the original Sirens.
  • Johnny spends an episode questioning if people appreciate what paramedics do for the community. Then the boys get called to a retirement home, where the residents are happy to see them, and spend some time entertaining the staff and residents.

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