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Tear Jerker / Shattered Innocence

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In this fanfic, Lincoln, after being locked out of the house in the dark by his family during the events of "No Such Luck" is kidnapped and murdered by a serial killer in the middle of the night. Reality Ensues for the Loud Family afterwards.

  • Lynn Sr and Rita are arrested and sentenced to life in prison because of them joining Lincoln's sisters in abusing him, and Lincoln's sisters are shunned by their former friends by their part of kicking their brother out of their house because they thought he was bad luck.
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  • And in this AU, Lincoln's sisters and parents making him sleep outside out of fear of his "bad luck", was THE LAST THING THAT LINCOLN AND HIS FAMILY EVER DID TOGETHER. And they can't apologise to him at all, because he's dead. Imagine if THAT happened to you, or your siblings.

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