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Tear Jerker / Rick and Morty (Oni)

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  • Two rebels are shot to death just as they declared their love for each other and planned to leave the war behind.


  • The fact that, after looking through millions of different realities, Summer realized Morty only lives past adolescence in the ones where Rick isn't around.
    • While that's not great news for her, it's worse for Morty. He doesn't take it well and dedicates himself to eradicating all Ricks. Even Summer disagrees with his stance on it, leading to her disfiguring him and leaving to start a rebellion.
  • In the alternate universe, Morty forced Beth to remarry Jerry. Even if he doesn't show it, Morty wants them to stay together because they're his parents and it hurts him to see the way they hate each other.


  • Jerry, who has had enough of this shit, claiming that the only time he has an ounce of respect from his family is when he has a bomb strapped to his chest.
  • Rick actually crying as he flies away with a dying Morty.


  • Fed up with being unpopular, Summer uses Rick's portal gun to jump to a reality where she is popular. After knocking out and replacing that reality's Summer, she discovers the apparent source of her popularity: Popular!Summer is a lesbian. Rick, however, promptly dissuades her of this idea. The real source of Popular!Summer's better social life? In that reality, Beth was allergic to red wine. Popular!Summer grew up with a loving and supportive mother, which led to being a much more outgoing, friendly, and likable person. The issue ends with Morty reflecting on what Popular!Morty must be like. Rick says that he doesn't exist, because Sober!Beth was too smart to let Jerry get her pregnant more than once.

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