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Heartwarming / Rick and Morty (Oni)

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  • Rick defendings Morty when Jerry gets mad at him for not having a job. Rick even shows him how he earns money, which is illegally but still a nice gesture.


  • When trapped in the Clackspire Labyrinth, Rick uses his one-charge escape portal to get Morty out.


  • There exists a short story where Rick takes Morty to an alternate universe where Morty's the scientist and Rick's the assistant. However, once they get there, they witness Assistant!Rick brutally murdering Scientist!Morty with a hammer. The last panel shows them both on the couch, traumatized. Why is Rick horrified? He didn't think that another Rick would be capable of murdering a Morty.
    • The fact that Rick was willing to take Morty to this dimension in the first place. Also, the little noogie he gives him right before they enter the portal. We don't get to see Rick act this friendly to Morty very often, but when he does, it just melts the heart.


  • In another universe, Rick runs a plantation providing work, food, and homes for war orphans. It's a bit undercut by it being a clonerbeast, but it's heartwarming while it lasts.
    • When the workers rise up against him, he calmly tells his bug-butler to go home to his family and reassures him that he was a good butler.
    • His final words to Morty.
    Rick: Morty... This is our last adventure. But I need you to tell Summer she's braver than she thinks. And tell your mom [cough] that she needs to let herself be happy. Okay, Morty?
    Rick: But most importantly, this short time, getting to know you, Morty. It's been— It's been—
    Morty: It's been real good, Rick. Real good.
  • There's a segment where Jerry goes through the banality of his life, listening to music for comfort. Then he faces another day, this time, feeling better. And then he sees Rick at the table, and Rick says this stunning compliment...
    Rick: Is it another day at slaving away at your dead-end job to make ends meet, for–for what, you know? I don’t know how you do it, Jerry. I don’t know how in spite of a world that continually kicks you in the balls, you keep going. You’re a braver man than me, Jerry.


  • We see Rick and Morty playing around with a hose in the garage while they're working on Morty's soapbox racecar. It's nice to see that even with all the bizarre adventures he goes on, Morty still hasn't become dull to the little things in Earth life. Rick even says it was nice to spend the time together.


  • The alternate versions of Summer and Morty making up.
  • Jerry and (Doofus)Rick's Fun Day Out.


  • While in each others bodies, Summer helps mend Jerry's relationship with Beth and Jerry helps Summer's friends reconnect with the world.
  • Rick puts Morty through a simulation to teach him all the lessons necessary to become a man.
    Rick: Maybe I miss my own youth. Maybe I hate how fast you're growing, because soon you won't have time for my adventures. More importantly: Eventually I'm going to find a galaxy I like living in way better than hanging out with your virgin ass. But really-really? Maybe I just wanted you to see I'll always be there for you, no matter what shit goes down.


  • The fact that Rick, who hates toast, created the perfect toaster by using Morty's opinion as a base.
  • After being gone for 143 years, Rick returns to save Morty from The Black Church.


  • When Rick gets him sent to a murderous alien arena, Morty trusts that Rick has a plan because he doesn't think Rick would send him to die. Touching, especially considering the times Rick has done exactly that.


  • In Rick and Morty Issue 21, Jerry Smith stole Rick's Portal gun and travelled to Dimension J19ζ7 to meet Doofus Rick. They went to Percy Puss Land, a cat-themed amusement park, which Doofus Jerry owned. When he saw the Jerry from an alternate dimension on his surveillance camera, he had both Jerry and Doofus Rick brought to his office. He showed Jerry how much he had achieved (even being the definition of "Success" in the dictionary) and how he was the richest man on Earth. When he accidentally heard Doofus Rick mention interdimensional travel, he offered to trade his successful life to Jerry in exchange for his interdimensional technology. Jerry refused the offer as despite their hardships he wanted to stay with his wife and kids.


  • After a particularly disastrous adventure, Morty insists on using his "10th Adventure" card to go to a place where he can get some kind of armor to keep himself safe. Despite at first groaning (as he usually does when Morty uses his adventure card), Rick goes along with it with no further complaining, and actually takes Morty to a really good such shop (which is run by alternate-dimension versions of themselves, "Brick and Mortary").
    • Then, when Morty decides he wants the most awesome, most expensive armor in the store, Rick buys it for him with no complaints, ignoring Brick's disbelief that he would buy something like this for a Morty, and even gives Brick his entire wallet to pay for it.
    • It's revealed that, inside this wallet, Rick carries a picture of himself holding a baby Morty on the latter's first birthday.
  • Despite Rick's initial lack of enthusiasm for Morty's new power armor, he quickly warms up to it, and takes Morty to go kick ass with it, watching him do so with a proud smile on his face (though he does quickly grow bored by their adventures no longer posing a challenge as a result).