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  • When the time police come for them, Morty sicks his minimecha robot assistant on them.
  • Rick taking on the police. While most of it's off-screen, the new mentions that the standoff went on for twelve hours.


  • We're introduced to the Clackspire Labyrinth, designed by Rick to be the deadliest place imaginable. Rick hid innumerable secret compartments in it, containing massive amounts of alcohol, clothes, and an escape portal, because he knew one day the Federation would sentence him to it.


  • The scene where Morty gets Scary Terry's powers and uses them to massacre the summer camp.
  • Beth's book club is actually her borrowing Rick's portal device to play in a band with other versions of herself and get in fights.


  • We finally get to see an episode of Ball Fondlers. It's just as insanely hilarious and action packed as advertised.


  • In another universe, Morty became a successful planetary conqueror. He manages to eliminate numerous versions of Rick without the Council of Ricks interference, makes brutally honest observations about Rick, and generally manages to be an extremely effective villain.
  • The alternate version of Summer is a badass. Her first scene has her kill a bounty hunter by impaling him on a pipe and delivering a Bond One-Liner.


  • The overlord managed to pick the perfect spy in The Resistance: Jerry. No one ever thinks he might be a traitor because no one can be bothered to think about him at all.
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  • The spy gets one of their own. Even when everything's gone tits up and Rick's about to kill them, they remain completely calm and activate a bomb to kill them all without hesitation.


  • A subtle one, but Morty goes through the entire issue with a gunshot wound in his side. That kind of wound would be debilitating to a trained soldier, but he barely lets it slow him down.


  • Summer and Jerry switch bodies due to Jerry pressing the wrong button. In each other's bodies, Summer manages to help his long-term relationship with Beth by refusing the short-term patch of sex while Jerry takes Summer's friends on a trip to get them immersed in the world.
  • Morty passes all the hardest parts of various alien high schools compressed into a single day. Sections include being sealed in a tiny cube with a monster that rips off your face, being attacked by demonic marionettes, being run over by a sentient carnivorous car, and a gladiatorial fight to the death. He won the final challenge by being knocked unconscious, whereupon his sleepfighting kicked in. The sleepfighting was mentioned earlier in passing as something he did while Rick was getting him in the car. That means that even while in a state where he can successfully take on alien gladiators, he's still not much more than a nuisance to Rick.


  • When she thinks Rick and Morty are lost in another dimension, Summer was fully prepared to go after them. If Rick's device hadn't malfunctioned, she probably would have.
  • Rick destroys an entire alien warship with an elevator. Because the advanced armada linked their datanets together for maximum efficiency, he was able to access vital systems from the elevator control panel. From there, he was able to set its power core to a slow meltdown that would be read as engine exhaust until the last second.


  • We see yet another alternate version of Summer who's a badass rebel warrior.
  • Rick uses Morty's lack of genius to his advantage. Because he doesn't have the mental capacity to support many complex situations, everything inside his mind follows the same rules. Using this, Rick bypassed having to figure out how to escape by exploiting the fact that Morty would assume he would escape without knowing how. He then uses the same basic trick to escape from the mindscape.


  • Even in passing and being used to try and win an argument, Rick's mention of how many times he's saved the Earth.
  • What happens when an alternate Morty becomes the representative of God for an alien religion. The whole family gains immortality, Morty becomes a ruler with every vice he could ever want fulfilled, Summer gets her choice of half-naked buff men to dote on her, Beth becomes a master surgeon with a custom made boytoy (That happens to have a horse head), and Jerry becomes a highly influential member of the government. The only one who isn't happy is Jerry.
    • The brief scene where Ruler!Morty casually dispatches a trio of assassins.
    • A following one for Beth for resurrecting one of the assassins and rewiring his brain to literally tell the truth at the push of a button.
    • The reveal of the Black Pope, master of the End Times and leader of the war against Morty's rule.
      The Black Pope: Hungry for Apples?


  • Morty wins the purest sport by killing all the other competitors in gladiatorial combat. How he did it deserves mention too. Rick gave him a hat that analyzed all possible scenarios, then manipulated his body to perform the exact actions necessary to win.


  • Summer dealing with a self-entitled douchebag, including threatening to cut off his penis if he tries to rape her. The glorious moment can be seen here.


  • Doofus Jerry talking down to Rick the sheer look on Rick’s stunned face says it all. He then proceeded to beat the crap out of him.

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