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Tear Jerker / Puss in Boots

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  • In Puss's flashback, Imelda having to watch as her adopted son (seemingly) relapses into crime again. Her sad, heart-broken expression as he passed her by would haunt him, even after 7 years.
    • The Commandante himself put his wholehearted trust in Puss, and he (seemingly) betrays it.
  • Puss in Boots in jail.
  • Kitty's backstory. She was taken in by a loving family, who eventually had her declawed, and even Kitty doesn't know why.
  • "I'm not a person! I'm not a bird! I'm not even a food! I don't know what I am!"
  • Near the end when Puss and Humpty are dangling off a cliff, Humpty lets himself fall so Puss can bring the Mother Goose's egg back to her.
    Puss: I won't let you go, Humpty!
    Humpty: (sad smile) I know. So I won't make you choose.

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