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Tear Jerker / Phantom 2040

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  • Part of Kid Sidekick Sparks' reason for hanging around with the Phantom was to find out what happened to his parents, who were both abducted by Maximum Inc. Eventually, Sparks finds them in "The Gauntlet". And it is heartbreaking. Maximum Inc. had murdered his parents and downloaded their minds into a super computer to act as the defense system for the Cyberville City project. Sparks, the Phantom and Guran to infiltrate the city, with Sparks finding the computer containing his folks' mentalities, only for the defenses to begin trying to kill the Phantom and Guran. Since the system automatically reacts to anything the parents perceive even might be a threat, the parents can't intentionally save the heroes. So there's only one way Sparks can save his friends and free his parents. The quiet pain Sparks' voice actor conveys is just heart-wrenching.


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