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Tear Jerker / Persuasion

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  • The story of the lovers' separation. Poor Anne, she is so lonely and misses her only love so much. And nobody appreciates her angelic nature, save for Lady Russell.
  • Mrs. Smith's Back Story is heartbreaking. She was Happily Married, but buried her beloved husband. She was used to living in comfort and luxury, but they became ruined financially. Her family is never mentioned, so she might not have anybody, and her close friend turned out evil and outright refused to help her recover a property that was not entirely lost and might provide her with some income. She lost her beauty and her wealth. And she had no child that would connect her to life. Poor lady! On the other hand her determined lack of self pity is altogether admirable as she is allowing herself to form new attachments to women very much beneath her socially (like Nurse Rooke) rather than moaning in snobbish isolation.


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