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Tear Jerker / Once Upon a Forest

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  • It's nearly impossible to hear "Please Wake Up," a ballad for a dying child, without crying. Michael Crawford himself couldn't get through his first few takes.
  • The scene where Edgar gets caught in a man-made trap. It's heartbreaking enough to see him crawling around, blind, calling out desperately for his friends, but then he gets caught and starts crying out of fear. Thankfully, Man is not entirely evil in this film, and the men who show up let Edgar out of the trap, but everything leading up to that is pretty intense and sad.
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  • Michelle's Disney Death. Don't worry; she recovers. Her parents, on the other hand, weren't so fortunate.
  • The end of the movie where nearly all of the families are reunited, and when Cornelius tells Michelle that though he can't ever replace her mother and father, he'll do his best to raise her.
  • Cornelius's backstory, where he reveals that his own parents were trapped by poachers when he and his recently deceased sister were furlings.
  • “I didn't even kiss my mom goodbye...”
    • To clarify; At the beginning Edgar is so excited that he runs off without kissing his mom goodbye. That's what he remembers when she and the others vanish. Edgar is even seen crying with his friends. Fortunately it become a heartwarming moment when they’re reunited.

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