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Nightmare Fuel / Once Upon a Forest

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  • The music becomes a lot scarier after the gas leak from the truck spreads into the forest, but this is taken Up to Eleven when a freaked-out Michelle runs off and eventually makes it into her house which is full of poisonous gas causing everyone to panic and Abigail runs in after her. Now keep in mind that Abigail is a young girl going down an underground passage full of deadly gas and when she finally makes it to the bottom, what's the first thing she sees? The bodies of Michelle's dead parents. This is all while trying to reach and move her younger friend to safety, because she had been poisoned by the gas and was now unconscious and close to death herself as a result, all the while trying to keep her mouth covered so she doesn't inhale any gas too. This is why Abigail's bravery is so highly regarded by the others. This is a pretty intense scene for a G-Rated movie.
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  • The scene with the owl counts for this all too well, with Abigail's surprisingly sharp teeth.
  • The scene where the humans return to clean up the mess, and Edgar gets caught in a trap. The humans are wearing hazmat suits and carrying flashlights. From the animals perspective, its like an alien invasion. Luckily, it stops being scary when one of the humans frees Edgar and proves that not all Humans Are Bastards.


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