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Tear Jerker / My Vitriol

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These guys are champions at taking their own songs and turning them into tearjerkers once re-writing them, sure. But sometimes even the original versions of their songs can induce huge amounts of tears.

  • "Always Your Way" is their most notorious example. Yes, the acoustic version is the more sentimental one, but even with all the bouncy energy the words are what really strike a heartstring with this song. The lyrics outline a failing relationship from a guy who can't seem to please his lady no matter how much he gives her what she wants. So, he calls an end to it by calling it a lost cause and apologizing for not being able to please her.
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  • "Under The Wheels" is touching because it's a flatout love song. After all the loud energetic tracks on Finelines, the album ends with a soft, ethereal in nature song. It's lovely melodies and simple lyrics are a nice conclusion to such an epic album.
  • Their cover of Madonna's "Oh, Father" may be notorious for it's Narm value to some, but for others it can be even more effective than the original. What really hurts is that Som Wardner himself had an even more abusive father than Madonna had.
  • The piano version of "Windows And Walls" reveals the sheer power a depth the lyrics held after being hidden behind such a thick layer of effects pedals.


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