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Tear Jerker / My Superhero University

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The players seem to have taken on character torture as a personal challenge. Either that or someone wanted to beat Supernatural's record. Either way, student heroes are put through the wringer and many tears are jerked.


  • Cole's backstory. He lived an utterly difficult, violent life from a very young age - needing to become a soldier with Clan Asher as early as twelve to stop his haywire powers from shortcircuiting his brain as well as have safety in numbers away from rampant monsters. He then fought and killed day in and day out, again at a ludicrously young age - until a misfire drove his retirement for two years and saw his best friend in Clan Asher seemingly killed. And still even after returning to the fight it seemed Alpha-Leunis and his cohorts had yet more misery in store for Cole.


    Holding Too Tightly, Afraid To Lose Control 
  • This episode ends up being Adult Fear for Armada as she must rush to rescue her daughter in time, who is bleeding out to death. It's made even worse given that in the last arc that she admitted one of her biggest fears was outliving Sally.
    • The whole scene after Sally is taken back to the University upon losing her prosthetics. Armada and Nurse Hello panic on what to do since Sally is bleeding out at an alarming rate and there would be no time to make new prosthetics before she bleeds out. Ultimately,Armada tells Sally the only way for her to survive is to make the upload to an android but, it's still Sally's choice to make. Sally ends up giving her approval since she wants to stay alive with her mother and loved ones.
  • Holiday being heavily injured by Dementius and asking for her spider drone to be grabbed since it would contain what would be left of her. She ends up asking to at least have her name be remembered. Thankfully, Armada refuses to leave her behind and rescues her.
  • The fact that Martin, of all people, has a huge dent dealt to his idealism near the end of the episode due to the whole Renegade situation.
  • Finn finally breaking down upon not being able to help again and ends up asking Martin if he's a bad hero.

     A Warning To The People The Good And The Evil 
  • Evelyn gives up her hair to pass a demonic guardian, exposing her scars and deformities and further wounding her spirit. The sacrifice is then instantly rendered moot by her teammates follow up actions, and the girl breaks, outright snarling that none of them are heroes and that the Neo-Gaea activists have a point.


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