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     An Age of Heroes... 
It is an age of heroes. From the day the Saint was first seen in newsreels back in '39 all those years ago, there have always been heroes. For decades they've protected the world from superpowered criminals, mad scientists, nazi nitwits, alien invaders, and even the odd incursion from other dimensions. Regardless of their origins — whether they received their powers in some sort of accident, were born with their abilities, used tech to get by, or relied purely on their training and hard work — they have long vowed to protect the world and make it a better place.

However, in recent years, things have changed. In times gone by, most heroes began their careers well into adulthood, with only the occasional sidekicks being the exception. But as the decades went on, more and more young heroes began receiving their powers or beginning their careers younger and younger, often without the proper training or maturity to properly use them or not get themselves hurt. Or worse. And so a solution was reached. Founded by Saint Solutions, a series of schools for young heroes in training was established across the globe. Now any young whippersnapper who wishes to become a hero or even just learn to control their powers goes to one of these schools. Staffed largely by experienced, older heroes, they're the best place to go for anyone who wishes to hone their skills and truly learn what it takes to become a hero.

But the best of them all was none other than Saint Academy, located right in Super City, California. And it's President was none other than the original Superhero himself, The Saint. Blessed with great strength and speed as well as extended longevity, he still had a reputation as the world's greatest hero despite retiring long ago, but he nonetheless did his best to make the world a better place in his own way. And that included molding brave new heroes that could help continue to protect the world in his absence.

Sadly, Saint's goal proved in a way to be prophetic. Several months ago, Saint fought valiantly to help protect Super City from a last desperate assault by Gaea, an organization dedicated to tearing the world apart by sparking anti-superhuman and non-human bigotry amongst the general population until a valiant group of students managed to stop them. But their efforts proved costly. Gaea lashed out in retaliation, and while they were stopped, Saint lost his life in the process.

Without their greatest hero, the world is at a loss. Supervillains have started popping up out of the woodwork, eager to take advantage of the void left by Saint's absence. Some heroes have begun adopting a rougher, more violent approach, convinced that the Saint's more lenient methods won't cut it anymore. And while the destruction of Gaea has helped repair relations between humans and nonhumans, the loss of the world's premier symbol of peace is threatening to put them at odds once again.

Thankfully, Saint had an answer to just that. Before he died, he was working on a means to give the many promising students at Saint Academy a means to further hone their experience and skills, as well as give older would-be heroes a chance to show what they were made of. In honor of his memory, the school staff did as he wished, rebranding the school Saint University and opening their doors to anyone wishing to learn how to be a hero. Little did Saint know just important Saint University would be. Because more than ever, the world is in need of heroes.

—quoth the Game God Game Master himself!

My Superhero University is a Play-by-Post game started on TV Tropes in April 2019 by kkhohoho. It is a Superhero / Cape Punk story starring the colorful students of Saint University. The school is open to all who want to better control their powers or learn how to be a hero.

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  • Abusive Parents: A disturbing number of the students of Class One have horrible parents.
  • Always on Duty: The students of Class 1, particularly since the university is now a popular site for villain attacks. The stress contributes to alot of the cast dropping like flies.
  • Anti-Human Alliance: One villain faction, although, it might just be the leader. Every single member of the group has other goals, perchance including the leader.
  • The Cutie: Wren plays a rather feral version of this as soon as she's introduced. Perry as always is on cutie duty, but the setting's increasing darkness limits these moments.
  • Cape Punk: The setting is not just supers beat up bad guys. The 'how' and things like ethics and image heavily affect play.
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  • Cast Full of Crazy: The cast speaks for itself.
  • Cast Herd: The Class acts in 4 distinct groups.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Somehow, no one has touched Ryuu's scale.
  • The Clan: Lily's Aquatos clan
  • Crapsack World: The 14 year old student hero is a war veteran. And the students are in the middle of two more insurgencies with xenocidal ambitions. The public is slowly heading down the stages of genocide and well, see below.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: To Wash Away What Happened Last is a sort of comic breather. Leaving aside S2 talking about the hostage incident and Sally's dismemberment then becoming the Six Million Dollar Woman again and Dante's ongoing abuse at the beginning, Mahvash's bot being metaphorically stillborn in the middle, and Clankybottoms threatening to commit mass murder-suicide. Its that kind of series. And The Iridium Wonders Lay the Foundations for future operations.
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  • Darker and Edgier: No one may have intentionally shifted the work's tone, but MSU went dark quickly. The first season has the bad guys on a winning streak and three student heroes are knocked out in short order. Further, the meta world takes Saint's death as a sign to do the opposite of what he worked for while yet another group has tearing down his legacy as an explicit objective. Among the students and staff the mental instability has far more serious consequences between three suicide attempts, one inner-student clash, and the apathy of the staff and instability of students contributing to a string of Guardian and Terran victories.
  • Do Unto Others Before They Do Unto Us: A major motivation for the rank and file in both movements. The Guardians draw people who witnessed the Gaea War in vivid detail, watched their unflinching public support, and decided that they wouldn't let it happen to them again. The Terrans inherit the Gaea supporters who grew on Super Dickery episodes and an increased feeling of powerlessness before the increasingly prominent and apparently unfettered supers.
  • During the War: The whole Myth Arc. The students blunt one Gaea offensive in Super City only for the Gaea conflict to feed directly into two insurgencies. No one said 'mission accomplished'. And more of the public comes around to either group of insurgents' points of view every update...
  • Dysfunction Junction: Just like last the previous year, though much more prevalent this time. Every member of the class has some sort of issue or baggage associated with them, some of which is carried over from last year and some being new issues that cropped up in this year. Not even the new students are safe from this.
  • Fantastic Racism: The effects of the Gaea campaign in year two didn't just vanish when Gaea fell.
  • Fighting for a Homeland: One could call the efforts of Class one, self-defense, duty, or this. Very few of the current class are native to the USA, the heart of the Gaea and Guardian movements, or Earth. Pure self preservation would also be satisfied by leaving for the Abyss (Mikael's friends and allies); another dimension (they've visited plenty); or the last frontier and leaving Terra Firma to its fate. Some of the class feel a duty as a hero to stabilize things, some are too stubborn, but all are fighting for a homeland.
  • Heroic Fatigue: One big effect of modern hero work. The Guardians accidentally exploit it to eliminate Zach and Yoko. The teachers only accelerate Martin's fatigue, even while he's determined to remain a hero.
  • In Their Own Image: Martin, Mahvash, and Clay begin to build up a parallel super force.
  • Name's the Same: Saint's former Arch-Enemy and Lily's father are both 'Leon'.
  • No Biochemical Barriers: Zach note  and Yoko note  have a couple of kids when the series starts. Mikael's existence is evidence that humans and demons can reproduce. His and Ellie's constant offers seem to imply that they can couple with no more risk than any given pair of humans. And so far, Martin has not died (permanently anyway) even before being empowered by 'Love'. That said, he doesn't talk about what happens...
  • Nothing Is the Same Anymore: Saint died in the prior year after his legacy was smashed to bits by some bad news cycles. Kind of showing it was never there to begin with. Martin wants to rebuild a whole new superhero structure and the Protectors are adrift.
  • Not Wearing Tights: While most of the class has codenames and some even have costumes, many don't bother with super names or Spandex. 'costumes' consist of everything from white tie suits to robot armor.
  • Shoo Out the Clowns: It went unnoticed at first but as the episodes descended into darkness, Floofy Yoko and Cheery Zach were among the first to bite the dust. Ash does not return to the fight, only appearing in omakes. Wren never finds herself in the setting, and most tragically, Dante suffers an acute breakdown which his clown behavior directly fed into and attempted suicide. Clankybottoms and other NPCs like him stay out of focus until Clankybottoms tries to commit murder-suicide by BFB and Bozo's drinking and the teachers' apathy stops being played for humor (mostly).
  • So Last Season: A trend among the characters, as several are given midseason powerups even when their prior power set remain effective.
  • Super Hero Gods: The group has an ascended yokai/'Guardian of the Earth', the pupil of a trickster god and a daeva.
  • Super Team: The cast 1 is split into 4. Each squad can handle general threats (muggers, kaiju, etc.) by raw power of their members. They differ mainly in how they're organized and how they interact.
  • Superheroes Stay Single: Oh so averted. Mikael and Ellie have been lovers for years, and Zach and Yoko show up on their first day with their children.
  • There Are No Global Consequences: Averting this is one of the main themes of the rp. Saint's order collapsed. Saint himself is dead. Gaea's legacy is a long campaign of divisive politics reminiscent of post-2016 USA... And with every GM post, the world spins further into darkness between increased (and increasingly lethal) superhero violence and constantly increasing tension between Gaea-style groups and Guardian supporters. Interestingly enough, the students are aloof from this world getting closer and closer to midnight but the momentum from the Gaea campaign has kept on without anyone to stop it.
  • The War Just Before: Many of the student heroes are veterans of the Gaea War and the conflict has only entrenched the post-2016 politic style.

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