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The Tropers Behind the Ink

The creators of Class One are a ...special bunch, but one can find the occasional coherent thought behind their methods and their madness. Now, past the vaulted door where incredible things are conceived that the world has never seen before...

Below the page is split into two sections. One for the creators to explain themselves and the second for third party analysis.

Character Concepts - In The Mouth Of Madness

    The Sherbet Guild 
  • A recurring theme in my characters is wanting to be something resembling an idealised self
    • Lucy for example wanted to be kind and empathetic because she felt like it was the only thing she was good for (suppressing her selfishness and becoming self-destructive as a result).
    • Ash wants to be thick-skinned and a smart alec but she forgets she's a human being.
    • Lily wants to overcome her fragility.
    • Evelyn wants to put her past aside in favour of growing.


    Sally and Finn 
  • I have noticed that both Sally and Finn are both the Foil to each other. Both tend to be primarily influenced by their emotion, with Sally being more empathetic and sensitive while Finn is more aggressive and blunt. In their respective backstories, they ended up in a situation that could have costed them their lives but, were able to survive and got their powers. Both went into the school being naive about what being a hero entailed. They both end up learning that being a hero is not easy. The bad future ended up affecting them and their motives heavily as well as exposing their fears. The biggest differences between the two is what their fears are and how they have dealt with them. Sally is scared of losing her loved ones and being separated from them for good, something that did happen in the bad future she saw. Finn is scared of being useless, of failure and losing all hope. Sally has been able to progressively deal with her fears but, not fully while Finn is only just starting to come to terms with it.
  • In terms of development, I think both "Waking Up To Ash and Dust" from Crisis of Infinite Reboots and "Holding Too Tightly, Afraid To Lose Control" from University were big turning points for Sally in terms of development. Looking back at the start of Crisis of Infinite Reboots, Sally started off as rather naive and her motivation at the time was to be a hero like her mother. She eventually became closer with her squad mates and wanting to help them. However, she still did not fully grasp the seriousness of the Gaea conflict. However, the class got teleported to a bad future where the class lost against Gaea,with the world having went to hell. She ended up meeting an older version of herself, this version had become embittered due to almost everyone she cared about. "Waking Up To Ash and Dust" made her finally grasp the seriousness of the situation and showed her what she stands to lose. In University, she has to face a tough decision of potentially becoming an android. The choice weighs on her since it is a big decision and the worries of outliving her loved ones who are immortal and the idea of potentially losing her personality if the upload was to go wrong. During the convention center disaster, she is forced to make a serious choice to save her life. However, she is told this could be the choice that leads to becoming an android which it ends up becoming. In the end, she chooses to make the upload for what she wants is to be alive and to be with those she loves. "Holding Too Tightly, Afraid To Lose Control" is her finally making a choice and cementing what she wants. Both of these episodes have made her main motivation become is fight for a world where her and her loved ones can be happy and together.

Character Concepts - Jeepers Creepers, Reading through those Peepers


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