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Heartwarming / My Superhero University

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A few moments warm the heart in these times; though they often involve amateur therapy for a friend or colleague after trauma.



     Where Everything Isn't Meant To Be Okay 

  • Though going after a lot of damage to their psyches, Squad 1 ultimately bond even harder as a psuedo-family.
    • Mason is the first one to break free from his nightmare thanks to a combination of his mother and a Queen song they've listened to, taking this chance to go and find everyone else.
    • Ellie fights off her Nightmare!Father and promises that she's going to protect the Squad because they're her friends and family, before going and tending to a new, recently freed Wren /Jenni.
    • Wren/Jenni's new freedom is so alien to her she doesn't know how to do handle it, but thanks to Ellie it becomes manageable.
    • Lily got quite possibly the worst of it, but thanks to a reminder that she's among friends and Mason's words of inspiration, she goes and saves Shane from his own nightmare.
    • Sam being so relieved that someone sees him and recognizes him that he straight up hugs Mason.
    • Shane's own resolve at wanting to protect Lily manage to break through and tell them in no uncertain terms that they can hurt him, but they will NOT hurt his friends.

     Holding Too Tightly, Afraid To Lose Control 
  • After Holiday is severely damaged by Dementius, Armada ends up rescuing her by grabbing her to take her to the lab alongside Sally.
  • As the transfer begins, Holiday gives Sally a teddy bear to hold onto when she reawakens as an android.
  • Sally's transfer to android body ultimately being successful. She wakes up with her personality intact and happily says it worked. Her and Armada proceed to share a hug afterwards.
  • Armada and Sally both thanking Holiday for helping them.
  • Mikael finally getting back the memory of his first moments with Ellie that was stolen from him.
  • Martin's response to Finn upon Finn asking if he is a bad hero. Despite having his ideals having taken a big hit this episode, Martin is still able to give Finn a positive response that manages to make Finn feel better.
    Martin: A bad hero...Finn, how many people have you saved in your life? Let me guess, you aimed low. Maybe three digits? Less? You're wrong. Because for every one person you save, you save everyone connected to that person. Someone doesn't cry over a lost son or daughter, someone's best friend gets to call them. You put your ass on the line, no one is forcing you to, no one would mind if you went for the simple life, but you are here, saving more people then you can imagine. Because someone sees you and says 'I want to be like him when I grow up' and they go on and save people after you. You aren't a bad hero. You aren't a good hero. You're just a hero Finn...Most people made it out okay, but there might be one or two trapped somewhere. Want to make a few more differences today?


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