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Tear Jerker / Monument Valley

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Though it has a minimalist story, Monument Valley has a few tear-jerking moments.

  • Ida spends a good portion of the game putting back the Sacred Geometry, which she herself stole, a crime for which she is trying to atone. Then comes Level IX, in which it is revealed that the people she stole from are long dead. There is literally no one left to forgive her.
  • The Totem goes through a lot of crap helping Ida finish her quest. First, it gets left behind in the ocean, then it lets itself be utterly crushed to pieces in the "Forgotten Shores" DLC so Ida can get through a particularly difficult part of the level. In the latter instance, there's a ledge where Ida can be commanded to go, and if taken there, she'll look down to watch her friend's remains fall over, as if grieving its death.


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