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Tear Jerker / Martha Speaks

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Helen: "Morose" means you look very unhappy or sad.
Martha: " can't help it, I get morose when you're away from me.
Martha Speaks is mainly a happy show, but there were times when it can make you cry.
  • Poor Helen at the beginning of "Martha in Charge", not feeling well and not wanting to throw Martha's ball.
  • Skits running away in "Martha and Skits" because he's sad at not being able to talk.
  • In "Martha's Blue Period", Martha and Helen moping because they missed each other.
  • Martha having her feelings hurt in the first episode and thinking she talks too much, and Helen's minor My God, What Have I Done? as she was the one who suggested that Martha talked too much.
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  • When Martha thinks she's cursed and has a Heroic BSoD in "Martha Changes Her Luck".
  • Martha gets sad again in "Martha Blah Blah" when she can't talk right. The episode itself is not too sad, but it's sad when Martha runs away and tries to say to herself "My words are gone. Where did they go?"
  • Martha in "Martha's Chair" when she can't sleep.
  • Seeing Helen, Truman, Alice, and especially T.D. sad and moping around after the fireworks are banned in "Martha Puts Out the Lights." Especially the sighing and T.D.'s use of the word "ruined".
  • Martha when she thinks Kitten has been run over and has a My God, What Have I Done?-thankfully it only lasts a few seconds. Also when Martha is yelling at Kitten you can't help but feel sorry for him.
  • Nelson is meant to be the antagonist but you can't help but feel sorry for him when he gets sick from ingesting a birthday candle.
    • Teddy getting sick from eating a rock.
    • Butterscotch getting sick from eating a sock.
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  • Helen being disappointed at Martha in "Milo's Reading Buddy".
  • Truman's Imagine Spot of Milo losing his ability to be happy in "Camp Truman"
  • Lily being "dejected" in "The Puppy Tooth Fairy". Also, later when Martha becomes "exhausted".
  • In "Martha's Must-Have", Martha wants an expensive collar because she sees Francois wearing one and being given free food. In the end, she gets it but it stains her fur and she has to have a bath, which she hates. And it's also too itchy and doesn't get her free food. Poor Martha.
  • Alice in "Alice Twinkle Toes" when she's having self-esteem issues due to Ronald's "here come the dancers" line.
  • Martha in "Martha Fails the Course" when she is embarrassed due to falling over and doesn't want to move.
  • Martha can be a bit of a Woobie in "Martha Sings"
  • Candy the elderly dog that Martha and her dog friends meet in "Grandpa Bernie Cleans Up" is a bit of a woobie. She can't dig anymore as it makes her achy.
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  • "Helen's All Thumbs" has the part about Helen neglecting her homework due to gaming and therefore missing out on the trip to the museum. Meanwhile, the dogs are hungry because Helen forgot to feed them and Skits thinks Helen has forgotten about them and loves the game more than them. When Helen realises she forgot to feed the dogs, she calls herself the "worst owner in the world".
  • In "Martha's Dirty Habit", when Martha and Daniel try to give up digging and snacking respectively. Martha looks out of the window in a mopey way, Danny sighs in disappointment when Jake steals his cookie, Martha continues to stare mopily out the window and then sighs when she sees Skits rolling in a mud puddle, Daniel bites his lip and sweats when he sees an ad for chocolate fudge, Martha sighs and quits looking out the window then, both still unhappy, walk into the kitchen, Martha tripping up Daniel, both say, "Sorry", then Martha tries to go outside and Daniel tries to get a cookie, but when he sees her, she does an awkward lie. He then does an awkward lie about the cookies, too. He then puts the lid back on the cookies and sighs.
  • Helen sad over losing the art competition. Made Mariella and the Lorraine family dogs sad too.
  • Martha running away from home in "Martha Runs Away".
  • Some of the pound dogs' backstories. Thankfully, they got a happy ending.
    • Pops used to live in a junkyard, but when his owner got a car and moved house, he just left him there.
    • Miranda was given to the pound simply because she didn't match the drapes.
    • Estelle was given to the shelter because her owners had to move to an apartment where no pets were allowed. This is sort of more tearjerking for Estelle's owners than it is for Estelle herself.
      • The sad verse of Martha's song in the same episode
        Martha: "Well, it was morning time in that big old pound but none of those dogs was a happy hound. They dreamed of slipping past the gates but there they were, back in their crates. And the saddest part of all, you see, was that every one of those dogs blamed me"
  • C.D. crying because Martha couldn't stand all the bear-hugging in "Martha and the Doggie Lover". Feeling bad, Martha tries to help him so he won't suffocate him. Fortunately, he's having fun with a dog who can take it, Skits.
  • In "Verb Dog, When Action Calls", Martha dreams that her friends are being mean to her, and then in the dream it turns out that Ronald made them do it.
  • "Martha's Thanksgiving" has several sad moments relating to Martha missing her family, but possibly the worst is when it's revealed that Martha's mom, before she moved, would regularly sit on a rock and wait for Martha to come back after her disappearance. This immediately after Martha's hopes of finding her mom are almost completely dashed.
  • It's a minor one, but in "Dog Daze", Helen has sprained her ankle. We see her lying on the couch and she can't go outside!


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