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Tear Jerker / Marmalade Boy

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  • Saigo no Yakusoku. Every time that damn song plays in the background, it's time to go get the hankies. Even worse? It's a REALLY good song in itself. And catchy as Hell!
  • The entirety of the arc between Meiko and Namura, especially during its first third, when both have finally been exposed leaving Meiko suspended from school and Namura voluntarily resigning from teaching at the school. Namura then decides to leave for Hiroshima while Meiko is now stuck at her house and forced to listen to her parents argue as usual, but now about her. Miki, who now doesn't feel like she knows who Meiko is anymore, is devastated after a misunderstanding leaving her to believe that Meiko doesn't like her at all. After an attempt to apologize and explain herself to Miki, she then tells Yuu that she's taking a taxi for the train station to follow Namura, forcing Yuu to snap Miki out of it and attempt to catch up to her. The climax then shows Meiko and Namura in the train station, where she begs him to let her come with him and refusing to leave but he pushes her away after one last kiss. Once Miki and Yuu finally catch up to her, Namura is gone by this point and Meiko's completely destroyed. This leaves her to cry on Miki, all while aforementioned ''Saigo no Yakusoku', in the series' first usage of it, plays.
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  • Anju's hospitalization, which nearly puts Yuu in as much distress as he was when we was in middle school.
  • Satoshi meeting Meiko at the library for the final time. As much as he tries to hide it, Satoshi's clearly hurt at the fact that Meiko ultimately chose Namura over him. Meiko, in tears, actually feels guilty and apologizes to him. After he leaves, a whole flashback consisting of scenes showcasing their growing romance is shown, and even though his classmates encourage him to check out the local college's campus and find another girl, his last scene in the episode still has him feeling disappointed, as if it'll be hard to move on, or perhaps doesn't want to move on. Thankfully, the two still remain good friends.
  • Both of Miki and Yuu's airport scenes where Miki is sad that Yuu is leaving in the first one, and where Miki breaks up with Yuu after going sick of feeling lonely and paranoid in the second.
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  • Yuu's breakdown while finally telling Miki that they are brother and sister and she runs off only to get lost in Manhattan. Miki then comes across a young brother and sister named Eddie and Chris who appear to be orphans and explain how much they want to protect and love each other, even hoping that they'll get married one day and optimistically believing that there's no doubt or problem with that at all.

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