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Tear Jerker / Mariokart

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This is what happens if you place 4th or lower.
  • The end credits theme for DS. While all the others (except for Tour) have an uplifting and satisfying tone, this brings with it a slow, somber one.
    • However, this gets averted with the additional movement you get with 100% completion, which is cheery like all the rest.
  • The complete shutdown of online Wifi servers for Wii in 2014. Being the first to feature online gameplay, DS had a solid online experience, but Wii improved on it dramatically with better connection and the addition of hundreds of fan-made custom tracks (and almost every retro one from the original to 7).
    • Likewise, Wiimifi has been active to make up for this, but it is much less centrally controlled and only allows local network play.
  • The ending in Mario Kart Wii when you get 4th place is quite sad. Your player/team stands on a cliff, looking at the ceremony while a somber recorder tune plays.

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