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Tear Jerker / Lucky Star: After Story

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  • The angry, passionate speech that Hachiro gives to Tadao and Sojiro, in Chapter 2 to get them to stop their useless bickering especially this passage:
    "A similar thing happened to two of my old college buddies while I was still at the University of Tokyo. They were in love with each other. But at one point, unable to deal with the oppression, they jumped off the same bridge. I lost two of my best friends that day. Their bodies were recovered three days later. Now, what do they have in common with Konata and Kagami? Well, their families were fighting with each other, just like you two immature idiots are now! Now both of their families eventually reconciled, but of course by then it was far too little, way too late. And now they're going to spend the rest of their lives wishing they hadn't fought with each other. You were lucky this time. But if you two assholes don't stop your fighting and accept their relationship, there's no guarantee that they won't attempt it again, or if they'll survive it. Just remember that."
    • To a lesser extent, the same chapter mentions that a few of Konata and Kagami's college friends turned on them when word of their engagement got out. However, most of their friends supported them.
  • Mariko and Chiyoko mention that several of their friends and classmates were killed in the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami on March 11, 2011. Both were pretty badly injured themselves (Mariko moreso because she threw herself on top of Chiyoko to protect her from falling debris), and break down into each other's arms in tears just remembering the ordeal. Doubles as Reality Ensues when you take a look at the death toll of the disaster.
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  • The very end of Chapter 20, when Kanata is born. Unlike the examples listed above, this one is the happy kind of tear jerker.

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