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Tear Jerker / Love's Journey

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Being a Downton Abbey fanfic, Love's Journey has loads of tear jerker moments.

  • Chapters 19-20 deal with the aftermath of the Ripon count. Branson's concern for Sybil's health, her possible infatuation with Matthew and Sybil's fear that Branson might lose his job because of her. Eventually, Sybil runs out of ideas and has no choice but to pray that nothing bad happens to him.

  • Chapter 45. Branson (who proposed to Sybil) and Anna (who lost Bates to his estranged wife Vera) bond over their heartbreak.

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  • Chapter 46. Sybil's take on her reaction to Branson's proposal.
    Sybil: I hate myself.

  • Chapter 59. Sybil admitting to herself she loves Branson.

  • Chapter 108
    Sybil: This is the cruel game Love plays. And in all honesty...I'm just too exhausted to play back.

  • Chapter 109. Branson's letter to his dead cousin Martin about the deceased William.

  • Chapter 128. Branson mentally begging Sybil to finally give him an answer, any answer, to his marriage proposal.
    Say it, Sybil, please…I need to hear it. I know how you feel, I can see it in your eyes, surely you can see it in mine. But let me hear the words too, please—

  • Chapters 134-135.
    • Branson mentally saying goodbye to his coworkers.
    • Sybil and Branson's angst over their failed elopement. Then their reunion.

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