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Heartwarming Loves Journey moments

Love's Journey

  • Sybil taking 2 chapters to figure out Branson's eye color.
    It's both greenish-gray..with perhaps a little blue as well. I finally solved my mystery.

  • Chapter 7.
    Like magic, everything else seems to disappear. Save for a pair of smiling Irish eyes.

  • Chapter 12. Sybil's worry that she annoys Branson with her constant pleas for help.

  • Chapter 13
    But she was so full of...of life! How could any man not be drawn to that? How could any man resist?

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  • Chapter 15. Branson calming Sybil down after Gwen's failed job interview.

  • Chapters 19-20. Sybil and Branson's shared memory of her seeing him chase the dog outside her window. And Sybil's dream at the end of ch. 20 where she imagines Branson as Romeo scaling her Juliet's balcony, to forgive her.

  • Chapter 21. Sybil and Branson bond over the things she should do when she goes to London for her first season. And her wish he would go with them.

  • Chapter 27. Sybil dances with Branson in her dreams.

  • Chapters 32-33. Branson admits to himself that he loves Sybil. She does the same, by accident.

  • Chapter 45. Branson and Anna bond over their shared heartbreak.
    Branson: Do you think that love was the mistake?
    Anna: No.
    Branson: Even if—
    Anna: Yes, Mr. Branson. Even if.

  • One of Sybil's letters to Branson in chapter 53 begins simply with "I miss you".

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  • Chapter 83
    Sybil: DAMN HIS SINGING! OH, JUST...EVERYTHING! Why? Why does he have to bloody BRANSON?

  • Chapter 91. Branson imagining his family would love Sybil.

  • Chapter 118. Sybil's hilarious thoughts during the "I'd wait forever" scene.

  • Chapter 123. Branson comforts Edith after "Maj. Gordon" leaves. She almost figures out his and Sybil's relationship.

  • Chapter 125. Sybil and Branson dance at the Servant's Ball and he sneaks a kiss from her.

  • Chapter 130
    Tom was of course more than just her ticket. He was her destination, as well.

  • Chapter 134. Sybil and Branson shout "I Love You!" to each other as they drive away from Downton.

  • Chapter 135. Sybil and Branson's reunion after their failed elopement.
    He was there. He had come back. And even though he hadn't said anything or made any sort of gesture, she knew he was beckoning for her.

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  • Chapter 140. Edith agrees to stand by Sybil and Branson.

  • Chapter 155. Sybil gets Branson to propose in York again.

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