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Tear Jerker / Immor Tall

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  • The very short flash game ImmorTall. You play an alien, crashed on earth. You find some humans and befriend them. Then a war breaks out. You control the alien to act as a "human" shield for the family from the soldiers. You eventually make it through the warzone. And then the alien dies, surrounded by the family it protected, on an unknown planet far away from home. Then it starts snowing, and the body is eventually covered, and the family leave. Oh yeah, and you never kill. Not one person. You merely act as a shield. You physically can't attack. Play it, and just try not to cry.
    • If you get the entire family except for the little girl killed, the ending is even worse. In that ending, after the alien dies, she sits down and never leaves. You can see the snow start covering her until the screen finally blacks out and returns to the menu.
    • The metaphor, the Heroic Sacrifice, the music...
    • It's worse when you fail and the family dies too.
    • In the secret ending, protect the family just once, and then go back to your ship and finally go back home, the family will give you a farewell, but the little girl will stay there, crying inconsolably long after you have gone. It doesn't help that you essentially doomed the family to die from the soldiers.

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