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Tear Jerker / Hellsister Trilogy

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  • Supergirl attends Clark and Lois' wedding. She's feeling sorry for herself... until she notices Power Girl, whose cousin died in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.
    For a second or two, there was a painful flash of loneliness. Dick Malverne, Jerro, Brainiac 5, maybe one or two others... none of them had been the right one for her. Would there ever be one? She wondered, fleetingly, if the Supergirl who had fought beside her in the Crisis was still single.
    But then she looked across the way to where another blonde girl was standing. This woman resembled her to an astonishing degree, but hid her features behind a black veil and stood, unspeaking, in a black dress.
    Her gaze rarely left Clark Kent's face. A month ago, this woman, as Power Girl, had seen her cousin die in the great battle against the Anti-Monitor.
    No matter what, Linda decided that she still had it better than the Kara Zor-L of Earth-Two.
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  • Supergirl considering to quit. She was a normal girl until she was fifteen. Then everybody started dying, and her parents sent her to a primitive planet where all of sudden she had incredible powers and huge responsibilities coming along them. Now she's twenty-nine, has been extremely close to death several times in only a few weeks, and is tired or risking her life every day and being constantly harassed by madmen, dictators and monsters in return. She just wants to be a normal woman again.
  • When Scott Free wakes up, Barda asks if it's the usual nightmares. Scott replies it's another kind of bad dreams. God, he's ever got one restful night?


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