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Awesome / Hellsister Trilogy

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  • Supergirl and Satan Girl fight for the last time in an empty solar system. This time, they're done with holding back.
    The dark and light half of Kara were smashing each other across the unfamiliar solar system they now occupied.
    They tumbled away from the gravitational pull of the planet they had landed on, and kept fighting in the void. They smashed at each other, kicked, chopped, and catfought, and each of their blows would have torn the side out of a mountain. Both of them worked at speeds which would have made them a blur to an observer, had there been any.
    There were few things as awesome as two Kryptonians at war.
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  • At the end of their battle, Satan Girl is about to hurl Supergirl into an anti-matter Sun. Though, Supergirl manages to turn her momentum against her and throws Satan Girl into the star.


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