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  • Supergirl likes the Legion more than the League because they're her friends.
    Supergirl liked the Legion a lot more than she did the Justice League. These heroes and heroines had sought her out for membership, traversing a millenium to make their pitch. Not only had they been in her age-group back then, but they'd given her a second chance to qualify when she failed her first initiation test by a fluke. Also, there was no stupid "no duplication of powers" rule like the one that kept her out of the JLA. The League had waived that rule some time ago when Hawkman insisted on Hawkwoman being admitted to the group. Now Kara might be able to gain admission to the League, but she really wasn't hot on the idea just yet.
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  • John Constantine has a heartwarming and funny scene when he prays for Kara coming through:
    "Hello, I know You're listening," he said. "Sorry to bother You in the middle of the day and all. Look, we're in a bit of a bind. I know y'got summat y'could have against me. Let's not get into that now, all right? I'm not askin' any favors for me, in particular. Well, I'd prefer not to go like instant-start charcoal, but what the hell, excuse me, that just slipped out.
    "I'm askin' for the kids. If they could be brought through this thing simon-pure, I'd really appreciate it. And the two Action guys, they shouldn't even be in this. Them gettin' their trousers burnt really wouldn't be Marquis of Queensbury. Now, would it?
    "But the thing I'm really askin'... the thing I'm really askin'... is for Miss, excuse me, Ms. Kara there. And maybe for her guy, too. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not poaching her. But the kid's got something to her. Makes me feel kinda good, hangin' around her. You know what I'm talkin' about? Well, I expect so. She's one solid gal, she is. And from what I've gathered here, she and that Dev guy haven't had much time together. So it'd be really bleedin' improper for one or both of ‘em to catch the night train prematurely, now, wouldn't it? I mean, wouldn't it?
    "So it's like... if'n You can bring ‘er through this... and maybe her man, too... You've got my marker. For whatever that's worth. I may have walked the fence, but I don't welsh. Ask me mates. I've gone hungry till next week's payday to pay off a bet."
    Constantine was silent for a second. Kara made no sound at all.
    "Want me to sweeten the pot? Well, what? All right, I'll go to church. Just once! What else? Ah, lemme see... oh, cripes, I would think of that. I don't really wanna do that. Oh, all right. If you get ‘em both through, I'll... I'll vote for Maggie Thatcher.
    "But just once!"
    There was a pause, and a sound of shoes scuffing. Then Constantine said, "Oh, one more thing. If that bloke Rao is anywhere in the block, he better come through for them. He blew it with Krypton. If he blows it with this one, I'll come up there and kick his ruddy pants for him. That's all."


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