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Tear Jerker / Five Little Pigs

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Spoilers Off applies to all Tear Jerker pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Caroline died in vain, thinking that she was protecting her own sister (whom Caroline believed was the murderer), when really, she accidentally protected the woman who killed Caroline's husband and blamed Caroline the whole time. At least she was probably more at peace with herself at the time than ever before in her life.
  • Miss Williams was very much on Caroline's side and withheld what she thought was incriminating evidence at the trial, not knowing that that evidence would actually have exonerated Caroline.
  • Angela always believed in Caroline's innocence, but since she was a little girl no one would listen to her and the incident of her eye was one of the reason the jury convicted her.
  • Elsa's final words to Poirot. Pyrrhic Victory has never been so sad.
    “I didn't understand that I was killing myself — not him. Afterwards I saw her caught in a trap—and that was no good either. I couldn't hurt her—she didn't care — she escaped from it all — half the time she wasn’t there. She and Amyas both escaped — they went somewhere where I couldn't get at them. But they didn’t die. I died.”