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Tear Jerker / Death on the Nile

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  • Simon and Jackie were very much in love, and could have been happy together but for Simon's greed, which ultimately brought about both their deaths.
    • This is made even sadder by Jackie's speech in the epilogue. There's no violence or crazed ranting- she politely and calmly explains that she and Simon killed Linnet, and why, and that she scarcely regrets it. It makes it all the easier to empathize with her.
      • Conversely, Jackie's inability to tell Simon no made her plot out the death of her best friend as well as murder two other people and ruin several other lives, all in the name of her fanatical "love".
  • Linnet, arguably; while she did steal Simon away from Jackie, she clearly did love him very much and felt guilty about her actions towards Jackie so the fact that he was just stringing her along in order to kill her does end up stinging a little bit.
  • Poirot informing Rosalie that he knows her mother's an alcoholic, and her angry reaction as she talks about how she's had to try and hide it. Poirot pities her for it.