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Tear Jerker / Dodsworth

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  • The first time Sam and Fran got into an argument over their plans for Europe. Fran had found various new foreign friends she really wanted to hang out with. But with Sam's unimpressed by her friends and insists on going on more sightseeing tours, Fran decided she wanted to split up from him for a bit, to continue hanging out with her friends. Sam initially didn't want to split up, but she insisted and he decided to take her advice.
  • The scene at the train station at the Vienna where Sam Dodsworth left his youth-obsessed and self-centered wife Fran after she had told him she was demanding a divorce in order to get married to Kurt - and his touching goodbye when he talks to her a final time before his departure. We knew that Fran had made some previous affairs with other European men, but for her to get so attached as to want to break up with Sam after 20 years.
  • The confrontational scene on the cruise liner about to depart from Naples for America when Sam finally decided to leave his wife for good, to return waving in the final scene to better-matched divorcee Edith Cortwright at her villa in Naples, Italy.

    Sam: "I'm going back to doing things...Love has got to stop someplace short of suicide"

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