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  • Walter Huston's performance as Sam Dodsworth was so emotional and realistic, most viewers will be compelled to what happens to his character and want him to succeed even with all of his flaws.
  • Sam's marriage managing to last 20 years despite everything Fran's put him through over those years. That takes strength.
  • Meta example: Maria Ouspenskaya getting a Supporting Actress nomination despite being on screen for around 4-5 minutes total.
  • The film's ending, where Sam finally gets fed up with his wife's selfishness and constant nagging and packs his belongings to abandon her
    • Said abandoning required him to run to the gangplank and jump on just as it's getting lowered away from the ship. That takes serious determination, and fitness.
    • For the film's crew, being able to change the ending of the original novel, and still have it stay true to the book's spirit is no small feat.

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