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Tear Jerker / Dire Worm

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Let Dire's sheer Hamminess drive away the tears.

  • Chapter 2.1, Taylor thinks:
    [Dire's] smile was honest and open, and her approval actually felt good. How long had it been since someone who wasn't my dad had approved of something I'd done, or said? Had shown it? Paid me a compliment, even by gesture?
  • Chapter 3.1: Bitch wants to forget her past.
    After a while, she looked up at me, and the look in her eyes was equal parts hope and shame, so much that it hurt to see. "Could you do this to me?"
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  • Intermission 4: Circus worked her heart out for an audition, knew it wouldn't be enough, but tried... and Leviathan interrupted.
    Marie shook her off, and played, she played, tears running down her cheeks, she played for all she was worth, knowing it wasn't enough, it would never be enough. Knowing that her one chance had come and gone, and feeling her heart break inside her chest as her mother collapsed to her knees, and sobbed into her shoulder...
  • Chapter 5.4:
    Tattletale: "Beta, Delta, Gamma, and you were once Epsilon. That implies the existence of an Alpha at some point..."
    Sigma (formerly Epsilon): "I don't know why he killed himself."

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