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Tear Jerker / Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne

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Spoilers Off applies to all Tear Jerker pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

The Emperor's Blades

  • When Kaden remembers how he found out about his mother's death - through a one line letter from his father explaining that she died of consumption and to 'be strong'. And when he asks the Shin if he can go home for the funeral, he is denied. So he just finishes his duties, finds a secluded mountain spot, and cries. Oh, and he was eleven years old at the time.
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  • Ha Lin's death. Especially Valyn's reaction to it, and the fact that not only had they shared their first kiss, but they'd just started to make up after their fight.
  • When Valyn finds out about his father's death - unceremoniously and bluntly, as the Flea reports the emperor's death - and then he's told very brutally that he shouldn't expect to be able to leave his post and go to the funeral or meet his brother, who might be under threat of assassination as well and completely unaware of it.
  • Adare at her father's funeral, playing the part of the dignified minister - until she's left alone with the body, and just breaks down crying before vowing to avenge his death.
  • When the Aedolian Guard bows to Kaden and utters the words they are only allowed to say to the Emperor - and he realises his father is dead, and his whole world has changed forever.
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  • Pater's death. He was just a happy go lucky kid trying to save Kaden, and he ends up unceremoniously gutted by a soldier before Kaden's horrified eyes.

The Providence of Fire

  • Kaden and Valyn may be reunited, but the rift between them because of Kaden's new position is painfully obvious, especially since Valyn insists on referring to his brother by his imperial title 'Your Radiance'.
    Hearing Valyn use the official title was like hearing his own past erased, his childhood destroyed, replaced utterly by the brutal fact of the present.
  • Adare watches Nira comfort her brother Oshi and, for the first time ever, misses her own brothers and wonders what it would be like to have them with her.
  • Laith's death. It's sudden, shocking and brutal, especially since the fight seems to be going in his favour, and Valyn can only watch helplessly as it happens.
  • This exchange between Valyn and Laith.
    Laith: What do you want me to tell them down there? About you? What do you want me to tell Annick?
    Valyn: Tell them I'm dead.
    Laith: Yeah that fits. You might as well be.
    • Even worse considering these are their last words to each other before Laith's death.
  • Valyn at the end of the book: half-dead after being stabbed by his sister and thrown off a tower, blinded by il Tornja,
    • "I'm done. I'm through getting up. I'm done."
    • Right after that he stands up and starts walking away, like the Determinator he is
  • Adare stabbing Valyn in the side to keep him from killing il Tornja
    Doesn't make sense. The thought drifted through his mind. I wanted to save her.
  • Laith saying goodbye to his bird, Suant'ra, after he has to send her away.


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