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The Emperor's Blades

  • During a tense and climactic confrontation:
    Balendin: As I'm sure your brother will tell you, I've developed something of a reputation for killing people slowly, strip by strip.
    Kaden: *completely deadpan* We all have our hobbies.
  • When Valyn's trying to convince Laith to alter his flying techniques and his friend is refusing to budge, Valyn instantly switches gears and innocently suggests that a second flier ride behind Laith, on his beloved bird. The result:
    After that, Laith tossed the remainder of his firefruit in the trash and started confronting the problem in earnest.
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  • Valyn's Wing's first exercises as a team are one series of unfortunate events after another. Highlights include Gwenna blowing up a bridge while Valyn and Laith are still on it and Annick accidentally shooting Talal in the back of the head.
  • Akiil loves spouting off bits of sage advice he picked up from his time as a thief in the Perfumed Quarter, what he likes to call Thieves' Wisdom.
    Pater: Is that Thieves Wisdom? Is it, Akiil?
    Kaden: Pater, I've told you before that Thieves' Wisdom is just a fancy name Akiil gives to his pronouncements. Which are usually wrong, by the way.
    Akiil: *glare*
    • And a few minutes later:
    Kaden: Aren't you the one who claims the only schooling a man needs he can get from a butcher, a sailor and a whore?
    Akiil: The butcher and the sailor are optional.
    Pater: What's a whore?
  • Il Tornja's complete and utter irreverence for the Annurian court and his position as regent and Adare's mounting exasperation and outrage with every word out of his mouth.
  • Adare and il Tornja's banter in the general:
    Adare: I'm a woman, in case you hadn't noticed.
    Il Tornja: I had noticed, actually. *meaningful glance downwards*
  • Kaden's first imperial decree: 'As your Emperor, I command you to put on some clothes.'
  • Most of Gwenna's lines, especially her general disgust and exasperation with her Wing and people in general.
    '''Gwenna: 'Shael on a stick. The whole fucking lot of you are insane.

The Providence of Fire

  • Kaden gets fed up with Valyn treating him like the emperor instead of his brother.
    Kaden: If you start bowing now, I'll throw you off the mountain.
  • Valyn's Wing is being held captive by a tribe of Urghal and each of them has an Urghal warrior assigned to keeping them in check. When their captors finally drag them back into the open:
    Laith: This is my liason, Amaaru. Am I pronouncing your name correcting? *Amaaru tries to deck him, he dodges* He tells me that his name means 'Horse Anus' in the proud tongue of his people, and he has been a most gracious host.
  • To make things funnier, in a dark way, all of them are in varying states of injury from their multiple attempts to resist and restrained in an assortment of ways based on how dangerous the Urghal deem them. Laith has a length of rope around his neck. Annick has a sack over her head. And Pyrre... Is tied hand and food so she can't even move, and has four guards on duty.
    Laith: All right. It galls me to say this, but clearly you win.
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  • Pyrre baiting Gwenna while the two of them and Annick are trying to escape the Urghal camp.
    Pyrre: You and Valyn would make a sweet pair, Gwenna. Well, maybe sweet's not quite the right word, but...
    Gwenna: Leave it!
    Pyrre: Didn't mean to touch a nerve.
  • Pyrre would like everyone to know that she's not part of Valyn's Wing and she wishes people would stop acting like she is.

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