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ZUvengers is a roleplay hosted on Zelda Universe Forums GMed by user Linkara (no, not that Linkara). It follows the adventures of the ZUvengers, a government team of superheroes with an ever-changing roster. It has spawned a Spin-Off and a sequel. The sequel is coming to a close and a third one is being discussed.

The first one chronicles the bot invasion of Forum City and the efforts of the ZUvengers to stop it. Along the way, they discover two traitors in their midst. The second one chronicles the continued adventures of what's left of the original ZUvengers and some new members as they try to discover the source of the bot invasion, fighting demons, sith, and evil versions of themselves through the whole thing.


The Spin-Off, Guardians of the ZUalaxy, follows the adventures of a separate team of superheroes, who are kind of like the ZUvengers but in space.

The first one can be found here, The sequel can be found here, and the Spin-Off can be found here.

This roleplay provides examples of:

  • And I Must Scream: The alternate Aria's fate. Scattered across the internet in a thousand conscious pieces
  • Anti-Hero: All of the heroic characters, really. They could in no way be considered heroes after everything they've done but their hearts are in the right place so they don't quite qualify as villains.
  • Fun with Acronyms: SOCKS or the Super Observant Crime Kicker System
  • Nice Guy: X-metal. The worst he's done is chain up Darth but that was just because he was annoyed, not outright malice.
  • Super Hero: the ZUvengers are a team of superheroes. The roleplay is about their efforts to stop a bot invasion in their city and later fight other villains.
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  • Token Evil Teammate: Darth. He's betrayed the team more times than anyone can count but they keep him around because occasionally he's useful.


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