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There exists, beyond the visible world we see, a place where the impossible is indeed possible. A place where magic isn't merely a dark art whispered among sorcerers and beggars, but rather is flourished by it. This place, as grand as it may seem, is referred to as the Overworld: home to the creatures of legend and all fey imaginable.

These are some of the first lines of Overworld, a High Fantasy roleplay that was started on the kh13 Forums by Mystics Apprentice on July 21, 2016. The players controlled either Fey, the long-lived, powerful ascendant beings native to the titular Overworld, or Humans, dwellers of the World Below who were not powerful, had short lives yet were not lacking in cunning and potential. They would then participate in a lengthy, action and dialogue filled story about a brewing conflict between Feykind and a desperate Humanity seeking to save their dying world, cut off from magic as a whole due to events thousands of years past.


The RP thread can be found on the kh13 Forum, listed here.

The roleplay was seen to completion on March 4th, 2019, with epilogues for individual characters being made in a slow, steady flow since.

Overworld contains examples of:

  • 11th-Hour Superpower: During the final confrontation with Ahriman, who was essentially a god, Eclaire Oathkeeper makes a wish to the Djinni Rufus to grant everyone greater strength and power to withstand the gods assault and to fight back. Their power is lost after time is reversed to prevent Ahriman's death from destroying everything.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Nergal and Yevgeni Malachite assume this role after the Second War Between Worlds as concluded, with Yevgeni preferring to rule Kilkis Seres and scheme unnoticed, while Nergal is instructed to perform the more important, physically intensive tasks, his first being the Assassination of Queen Shiva.
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  • Big Bad Wannabe: The Black Witch fancies herself as the next ruler of the Overworld and seeks to achieve great power in order to fulfill this role, leading her to seek Isopolis and the Source of All Life, yet no one so much as mentions her name, let alone her title, near the end of the story. By the time the cast reaches the Shrine of Isopolis, the Black Witch is found dead alongside another body, before Nergal and Yevgeni, who do not acknowledge her off-screen failure.
  • Cosmic Keystone: The Source of All Life, an ancient crystal of unimaginable power with the capability to restore the World Below in the event of its destruction, but has multiple spirits bound to it and its shrine Isopolis, that will obey whatever its bearer demands, including but not limited to requesting power and sacrificing oneself. The death of Ahriman in the original timeline destroys the Source, causing reality itself to collapse.
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  • The Magic Comes Back: Heavily implied by the end of the story, when the barrier fell after the Queen's death, it is said that magic itself will flow back into the Human World, keeping it alive and restoring its magic.
  • Medieval Stasis: As a result of the loss of magic in the Human World after the first war with the Overworld, technology and society have not advanced beyond feudal times and as the world itself withers, humanity is driven to desperate measures to survive.
  • Power Gives You Wings: The Fused Deity, Ahriman, invokes this upon his minds merging together, creating a new consciousness and granting great power, which gives him six angelic wings.
  • Rightful King Returns: After the death of his mother, the Queen, Jynn Venas departs from Kilkis Seres out of grief, leading to Yevgeni becoming the Regent of the land as a substitute for the King, but his rule would not last, for it didn't take long for Jynn to return and later be crowned as was his right all along.
  • Royal Blood: Prince Jynn Venas, heir to the throne of Kilkis Seres, though initially he is hesitant, by the epilogue he takes the late Shiva's place as King of Kilkis Seres.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Frequently played straight. A notable example is Queen Shiva fighting on the front lines of the Second War Between Worlds and another being Jynn Venas, who would later participate in the final fight against a fused Nergal and Odin, then their final form as Ahriman, alongside most of the cast.
  • The Good Queen: Queen Shiva de la Alexandria, which makes her untimely death all the more tragic.