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Recap / Zak Storm S1E1 "Origins, Part I"

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Teenager Zak Storm borrows his father's "lucky" necklace and ends up in The Bermuda Triangle, where he meets Clovis, Calabrass, and Golden Bones.

Tropes for this episode include:

  • Just in Time: The Chaos arrived to save Zak just as he was being threatened by a Kraken, Calabrass having sensed the Eye of Beru on his father's necklace.
  • Pinch Me: For most of the episode, Zak keeps telling himself that he's just dreaming.
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  • Secret Legacy: Zak's father was terrified when he saw that Zak made off with his necklace which was revealed to be one of the Eyes of the Seven Seas, implying that he was completely aware of its magical nature and that it would send him into the Bermuda Triangle.

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