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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 46 The Rebellious Supreme King Black Dragon

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Yuya uses new Magician cards to give Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon a Level instead of a Rank, letting him overlay it with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon to form a new Pendulum Xyz Monster, "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon." The new dragon defeats Obelisk Force, but Yuya remains berserk. His friends hold him down, and when he comes to his senses he's with Gongenzaka, Mieru, Michio and Teppei. Mieru confirms Yuto's soul is now within Yuya, but there is a darkness in him too separate from either of them.


Yuzu, Serena and Dennis regroup in the iceberg area, where Yuzu tells Serena about the Xyz invasion by Academia. Serena seems to have a different idea of what the war was about, and the two switch clothes so she can evade detection: Serena will go to meet Kurosaki and find out about the invasion from him, while Yuzu will lead anyone pursuing Serena astray. At the end of the episode, Yuri of the Fusion Dimension arrives and is greeted by Dennis, who's been waiting for him.


This episode contains the examples of:

  • Aura Vision: Mieru finally proves her fortune-telling works by using her crystal apple to detect Yuuto's soul inside Yuuya's body, as well as another force trying to consume them both.
  • Beyond the Impossible: Yuya has done the impossible. Firstly, he gives Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon a level, which by itself is already Jaw Droping. Then, he matches its level with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon's level of 7 and overlaid them. And the monster summoned? A monster that is both an Xyz and a Pendulum monster. Everyone watching in and out of universe was shocked.
  • Clothing Switch: Yuzu and Serena swap clothes so Selena can talk to Kurosaki and Yuzu can lead the soldiers of Academia away from her.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Hints have been dropped before, but this episode cements Yugo's status as one. See an icy environment and assume you time traveled? First reaction to people getting your name wrong is to drop everything you were doing and beat them up? Try to interrogate people after you've knocked them out? A badass cloudcuckoolander, but a Cloudcuckoolander all the same.
  • Cutting the Knot: Twice.
    • Duelist possessed by evil force? Have three guys restrain him and take his deck.
    • Likewise, possessed duelist unable to reach his cards? Use physical force to get them back.
  • Wham Shot: Before the episode ends, Dennis welcomes Yuri to Standard, revealing he's The Mole for the Academia faction.

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