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Recap / The Wild Wild West S 1 E 27 The Night Of The Murderous Spring

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Dr. Loveless has invented a drug which causes hallucinations - in large enough doses, violent ones. He administers it secretly to West, whom he has lured to town for that purpose, through a basin of shaving water. Gordon arrives and finds West apparently ill and acting very strangely. That night, as they're lying in wait for Loveless, West loses control and shoots Gordon down; he then collapses in his hotel room and Loveless comes in to gloat over him. Next morning, Gordon arrives on the stagecoach and tries to unravel what's going on...


Tropes present in this episode:

  • Hallucinations: Loveless' drug causes dangerous ones in its victims.
  • I Just Want to Be Beautiful: The very large Kitten Twitty is lured into aiding Dr. Loveless by the promise that he will make her beautiful.
  • The Mirror Shows Your True Self: Both Loveless and Kitty gaze into a mirror which reflects the way they would like to look.
  • Mushroom Samba: The first half of the episode involves Jim reacting to various hallucinations, causing confusion and alarm in those around him.
  • Scream Discretion Shot: As the hospital staff tear each other to bits in a drug-induced frenzy behind a locked door, all that can be heard are their wild cries and the lullaby being sung by Loveless and Antoinette.
  • Tested on Humans: Dr. Loveless doesn't believe in using animals for testing purposes when humans, like the staff at his hospital, are so readily available.


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