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Recap / The Smurfs S 3 E 6 The First Telesmurf

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When Farmer tries out planting new smurfmelon seeds that have been magically treated by Papa Smurf, they grow to such lengths that they cover the entire village in vines. Handy and a few Smurfs discover that these vines could transmit sounds from one blossom to another, and so they create the village's first telephone system dubbed "the telesmurf". However, the vines also grow as far as Gargamel's hovel, and so the evil wizard uses the vines to track down the Smurfs and find their village so he could capture them.


This episode contains the following examples:

  • The Operators Must Be Crazy: Brainy becomes the village's first telesmurf operator. When Gargamel during his following the smurfmelon vines to the village gets tangled up in the vines at one point and starts cursing, Brainy sasses him for using bad language on the telesmurf. Gargamel complies and covers his mouth while he continues his struggling.
  • Right Behind Me/Short-Distance Phone Call: Papa Smurf to Hefty and Handy through the telesmurf.
    Papa Smurf: Handy, Hefty, where are you?
    Handy and Hefty: We're here, Papa Smurf.
    Papa Smurf: Where is "here?"
    Handy and Hefty: Behind you.
    Papa Smurf: (looks behind and sees them) Oh, there you are.
  • Tin-Can Telephone: The talking tube variation is used here with the overgrown smurfmelon vines.