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Recap / The Big Bang Theory S 7 E 17 The Friendship Turbulence

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Bernadette tries to decrease the amount of friction in Howard and Sheldon's friendship. Penny's car breaks down and she is afraid she will have to return to The Cheesecake Factory. Raj asks Amy to help him talk to a girl he met online.

Episode Tropes:

  • Act of True Love: Leonard buys Penny a car (which is obviously pretty expensive) to help her get to auditions and to allow her to continue to pursue acting. Penny is left overwhelmed with joy at Leonard's act of kindness and can only smile and hug him.
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  • Despair Event Horizon: After losing her car and her one chance on an audition for the last few months, Penny was almost about to go back to her old waitress job. However, Leonard bought her a new car.
  • List of Transgressions: Sheldon listed off why he dislikes Howard. The latter called him C-3P-wee Herman when they first met, and replaced his lecture slides with photographs of nude fat women bending over.
  • Reality Ensues: After putting off her check engine light for years, Penny's car finally breaks down, and is written off as totaled.
  • Running Gagged: The running gag of Penny's "check engine" light remaining on is squashed after her car finally breaks down.

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