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Super Bowl Champions by Year

Dates are listed in American order (month/day/year).

As mentioned on the main page, the first four games were officially termed the AFL-NFL World Championship game as the two leagues didn't officially merge until 1971, although Super Bowl III was the first one to be called "Super Bowl".

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    Super Bowls I to X
  • I — January 15, 1967 / Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California / Green Bay Packers def. Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10
    MVP: Bart Starr
    National Anthem: University of Arizona Band, University of Michigan Band, and Anaheim High School Drill Team
    Coin Toss: Norm Schachter, referee
    Halftime: University of Arizona and University of Michigan Bands
    • Televised by both CBS and NBC, with each network using its own production and announcers. Every subsequent Super Bowl has been exclusive to one network.
      • Despite this, TV footage of the game no longer exists (apart from short clips that got used in other formats), as both networks wiped their tapes in order to save money and reuse them. (NFL Films, the league's in-house production company, filmed the game using its own equipment; that footage still exists.)
  • II — January 14, 1968 / Miami Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida / Green Bay Packers def. Oakland Raiders, 33-14
    MVP: Bart Starr
    National Anthem: Grambling State University Band
    Coin Toss: Jack Vest, referee
    Halftime: Grambling State University Band
    • Final game that Vince Lombardi would coach for the Packers prior to retiringnote
  • III — January 12, 1969 / Miami Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida / New York Jets def. Baltimore Colts, 16-7
    MVP: Joe Namath
    National Anthem: Washington National Symphony Orchestra
    Coin Toss: (n/a)
    Halftime: Florida A&M University Band (now Marching 100)
    • Jets QB Joe Namath's famous guarantee of a Jets win over the 18-point-favorite Colts.
    • The only Super Bowl ever played whose matchup could not currently occur as a Super Bowl again, as the realignment shortly afterward placed the Jets and Colts in the same conference.
    • The first Super Bowl in which no touchdown passes were thrown.
  • IV — January 11, 1970 / Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana / Kansas City Chiefs def. Minnesota Vikings, 23-7
    MVP: Len Dawson
    National Anthem: Doc Severinsen and Pat O'Brien
    Coin Toss: John McDonough, referee
    Halftime: "Mardi Gras" by Carol Channing
    • Final game before completion of AFL-NFL merger. Also the first Super Bowl to feature celebrities.
    • Kansas City's win put the AFL at 2-2 in Super Bowls, proving that he Jets' win wasn't a fluke. Further symbolism as the Chiefs were owned by AFL founder Lamar Hunt. The AFL quite literally redeemed itself in the last game it ever played.
  • V — January 17, 1971 / Miami Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida / Baltimore Colts def. Dallas Cowboys, 16-13
    MVP: Chuck Howley (Cowboys)
    National Anthem: Tommy Loy
    Coin Toss: Norm Schachter, referee
    Halftime: Southeast Missouri State College Marching Golden Eagles Band, with Anita Bryant
    • The Colts represented the NFL two years prior, but represented the AFC in the first Super Bowl after the merger - they, along with the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers, moved to the AFC in order to balance the conferences at 13 teams each. Also the only edition in which the MVP award went to a player from the losing team.
    • First Super Bowl to come Down to the Last Play, as the Colts sealed the win with an interception after their kicker Jim O'Brien made the winning field goal with :05 left in the fourth quarter.
    • Sometimes referred to as the "Stupor Bowl" or "Blunder Bowl" due to the poor play, including penalties, officiating miscues, a missed PAT, and a cumulative 11 turnovers, with 5 made in the fourth quarter alone.
  • VI — January 16, 1972 / Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana / Dallas Cowboys def. Miami Dolphins, 24-3
    MVP: Roger Staubach
    National Anthem: United States Air Force Academy Chorale
    Coin Toss: Jim Tunney, referee
    Halftime: Tribute to Louis Armstrong by Ella Fitzgerald, Carol Channing, Al Hirt and the United States Marine Corps Drill Team
  • VII — January 14, 1973 / Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California / Miami Dolphins def. Washington Redskins, 14-7
    MVP: Jake Scott
    National Anthem: Little Angels of Holy Angels Church in Chicago
    Coin Toss: Tom Bell, referee
    Halftime: Andy Williams, Woody Herman and the Michigan Marching Band
    • The Dolphins' perfect season is completed; though not before Miami got a scare when Garo Yepremian (attempting to pass following his field goal attempt being blocked) loses control of the football; which Washington Redskins cornerback Mike Bass returns for a touchdown with just over two minutes left.
    • Only one of the first six Super Bowls after the merger not played on artificial turf.
  • VIII — January 13, 1974 / Rice Stadium, Houston, Texas / Miami Dolphins def. Minnesota Vikings, 24-7
    MVP: Larry Csonka
    National Anthem: Charley Pride
    Coin Toss: Ben Dreith, referee
    Halftime: University of Texas Longhorn Band and Westchester Wranglerettes
  • The Dolphins become the first team to appear at three consecutive Super Bowls.
  • IX — January 12, 1975 / Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana / Pittsburgh Steelers def. Minnesota Vikings, 16-6
    MVP: Franco Harris
    National Anthem: Grambling State University Band
    Coin Toss: Bernie Ulman, referee
    Halftime: Tribute to Duke Ellington, by his son Mercer and the Grambling State University Band
    • Final game played at Tulane Stadium, as the Louisiana Superdome (which was originally supposed to host the game) was not yet complete
  • X — January 18, 1976 / Miami Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida / Pittsburgh Steelers def. Dallas Cowboys, 21-17
    MVP: Lynn Swann
    National Anthem: Tom Sullivan and Up with People
    Coin Toss: John Warner, Navy secretary
    Halftime: Tribute to the 200th anniversary of the USA, by Up with People
    • Cowboys were the first wildcard team (non-division winner) to play in the Super Bowl.
    • Last outdoor Super Bowl played on artificial turf until Super Bowl XLVIII (played on the newer FieldTurf).
    • First of four half-time shows to feature squeaky-clean singing group Up with People. To this day, that's still the most performances for any single act at the Super Bowl aside from the Grambling State Marching Band, but they're probably best known nowadays for scathing parodies of their act on The Simpsons and other programs.
    • First Super Bowl in which both participating teams previously won a Super Bowl.
    • First Super Bowl held with a seeding system in the playoffs.

    Super Bowls XI to XX
  • XI — January 9, 1977 / Rose Bowl, Pasadena (Los Angeles), California / Oakland Raiders def. Minnesota Vikings, 32-14
    MVP: Fred Biletnikoff
    National Anthem: (none) — Vikki Carr sang "America the Beautiful"
    Coin Toss: Jim Tunney, referee
    Halftime: Disney's "It's a Small World" presentation
    • Last Super Bowl to finish in daylight.
  • XII — January 15, 1978 / Louisiana Superdome (now Mercedes-Benz Superdome), New Orleans, Louisiana / Dallas Cowboys def. Denver Broncos, 27-10
    MVP: Randy White and Harvey Martin
    National Anthem: Phyllis Kelly of Northeast Louisiana Universitynote 
    Coin Toss: Red Grange, Hall of Famer
    Halftime: Tyler Junior College Apache Belles, Pete Fountain and Al Hirt
    • First Super Bowl scheduled to air in prime time.
  • XIII — January 21, 1979 — Miami Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida / Pittsburgh Steelers def. Dallas Cowboys, 35-31
    MVP: Terry Bradshaw
    National Anthem: The Colgate Thirteen
    Coin Toss: George Halas, Hall of Famer
    Halftime: Various Caribbean bands
    • This game is best remembered for backup tight end Jackie Smith (a veteran tight end who had just come out of retirement after a 15-year career with the St. Louis Cardinals) dropping a potentially game-tying touchdown late in the 3rd quarter.
    • Between Pittsburgh and Dallas; 15 players on those rosters would go on to the Pro Football Hall of Fame (there were 21 Hall-of-Famers in all counting both head coaches; Steelers owner Art Rooney; both team presidents and an assistant coach)
    • First Super Bowl to be a rematch of a previous Super Bowl (the Cowboys and Steelers previously faced one another at Super Bowl X).
  • XIV — January 20, 1980 / Rose Bowl, Pasadena (Los Angeles), California / Pittsburgh Steelers def. Los Angeles Rams, 31-19
    MVP: Terry Bradshaw
    National Anthem: Cheryl Ladd
    Coin Toss: Art Rooney, Steelers owner
    Halftime: Tribute to the Big Band era, by Up with People.
    • The Rams became the first team to play a Super Bowl in their home market, and this is still the closest Super Bowl to one of the competing teams' home stadia, with the Rose Bowl located 12 miles from the Rams' then-home, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.note 
    • The Rams became the first team with less than 10 wins in the regular season (9-7) to reach the Super Bowl.
    • The first Super Bowl under the seeding system introduced in the 1975-76 playoffs in which neither #1 seeded team reached the game.
  • XV — January 25, 1981 / Louisiana Superdome (now Mercedes-Benz Superdome), New Orleans, Louisiana / Oakland Raiders def. Philadelphia Eagles, 27-10
    MVP: Jim Plunkett
    National Anthem: Helen O'Connell
    Coin Toss: Marie Lombardi, widow of Vince Lombardi, longtime Packers owner and Hall of Famer
    Halftime: Mardi Gras presentation by Jim Skinner Productions and the Southern University Marching Band
    • The Oakland Raiders become first wild-card team to win the Super Bowl.
    • In celebration of the 52 American hostages being released from Iran five days earlier, the Superdome was decorated with a giant yellow bow; while yellow stripes were seen on the bottom of both teams' helmets.
  • XVI — January 24, 1982 — Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac (Detroit), Michigan / San Francisco 49ers def. Cincinnati Bengals, 26-21
    MVP: Joe Montana
    National Anthem: Diana Ross
    Coin Toss: Bobby Layne, Hall of Famer
    Halftime: Tribute to the music of The '60s and Motown, by Up with People
    • The first Super Bowl played in a cold-weather city (albeit in a domed stadium).
  • XVII — January 30, 1983 — Rose Bowl, Pasadena (Los Angeles), California / Washington Redskins def. Miami Dolphins, 27-17
    MVP: John Riggins
    National Anthem: Leslie Easterbrook
    Coin Toss: Elroy Hirsch, Hall of Famer
    Halftime: Los Angeles Super Drill Team and Bob Jani Productions
    • A fictionalized version of this Super Bowl provided the basis for the plot of Ace Ventura, where fictitious Miami kicker Ray Finkle wanted revenge against Dan Marino (who, in real life, joined the Dolphins the following season) for a failed field goal attempt that cost Miami a win.
    • First rematch Super Bowl in which the previously defeated team avenged themselves (the Dolphins originally defeated the Redskins at Super Bowl VII).
  • XVIII — January 22, 1984 — Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida / Los Angeles Raiders def. Washington Redskins, 38-9
    MVP: Marcus Allen
    National Anthem: Barry Manilow
    Coin Toss: Bronko Nagurski, Hall of Famer
    Halftime: Tribute to film actors by the University of Florida and Florida State University marching bands.
    • From Super Bowl XVI to Super Bowl XXXI, the NFC team won 15 out of 16 Super Bowls. This is the one exception.
  • XIX — January 20, 1985 / Stanford Stadium, Stanford (San Francisco Bay Area), California / San Francisco 49ers def. Miami Dolphins, 38-16
    MVP: Joe Montana
    National Anthem: San Francisco Boys Chorus, San Francisco Girls Chorus, Piedmont Children's Chorus and San Francisco Children's Chorus
    Coin Toss: President Ronald Reagan (via satellite) and Hugh McElhenny, Hall of Famer
    Halftime: Tops In Blue (United States Air Force artists)
    • Dolphins QB Dan Marino's lone Super Bowl appearence, arguably the best quarterback never to win one.
    • First Super Bowl televised by ABC.
    • The only other Super Bowl (after XIV) played in one of the teams' home markets as of 2018. Stanford Stadium was about 25 miles south of now-demolished Candlestick Park, where the 49ers played at the time.
  • XX — January 26, 1986 / Louisiana Superdome (now Mercedes-Benz Superdome), New Orleans, Louisiana / Chicago Bears def. New England Patriots, 46-10
    MVP: Richard Dent
    National Anthem: Wynton Marsalis
    Coin Toss: Bart Starr, Hall of Famer and MVP of the first two Super Bowls, on behalf of all MVPs from the last two decades
    Halftime: Up with People
    • Oh, those Bears and their Super Bowl Shuffle.
    • Sadly, this game was soon overshadowed by the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion only two days later, which meant President Reagan had to cancel his meeting with the Super Bowl-winning Bears. In 2011, President Obama would make up for it by inviting the surviving members of the '85 Bears.
    • To date, the last Super Bowl in which both teams were making their first appearance. As of 2018, the only teams without any Super Bowl appearances are the Detroit Lions (the only remaining NFC team), the Cleveland Browns, the Houston Texans, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    Super Bowls XXI to XXX
  • XXI — January 25, 1987 / Rose Bowl, Pasadena (Los Angeles), California / New York Giants def. Denver Broncos, 39-20
    MVP: Phil Simms
    National Anthem: Neil Diamond
    Coin Toss: Willie Davis, Hall of Famer
    Halftime: Tribute to the centennial of Hollywood, narrated by George Burns and featuring Mickey Rooney and the Grambling State Marching Band
  • XXII — January 31, 1988 / Jack Murphy Stadium (now SDCCU Stadium), San Diego, California / Washington Redskins def. Denver Broncos, 42-10
    MVP: Doug Williams
    National Anthem: Herb Alpert
    Coin Toss: Don Hutson, Hall of Famer
    Halftime: Chubby Checker, with The Rockettes and the USC Marching Band
  • XXIII — January 22, 1989 / Joe Robbie Stadium (now Hard Rock Stadium), Miami (now Miami Gardens), Florida / San Francisco 49ers def. Cincinnati Bengals, 20-16
    MVP: Jerry Rice
    National Anthem: Billy Joel
    Coin Toss: Nick Buoniconti, Bob Griese and Larry Little, Dolphins veterans
    Halftime: 3D imagery and South Florida dancers, led by Elvis Impersonator Alex Cole
    • Final game coached by 49er head coach Bill Walsh prior to his retirement.
    • Best remembered for Joe Montana leading the 49ers 92 yards down the field before throwing the winning touchdown pass to John Taylor with 34 seconds left.
    • Last Super Bowl played in the Eastern time zone where the game started before dark.
  • XXIV — January 28, 1990 / Louisiana Superdome (now Mercedes-Benz Superdome), New Orleans, Louisiana / San Francisco 49ers def. Denver Broncos, 55-10
    MVP: Joe Montana
    National Anthem: Aaron Neville
    Coin Toss: Mel Blount, Terry Bradshaw, Art Shell and Willie Wood, recent Hall of Fame inductees
    Halftime: Tribute to New Orleans and the 40th anniversary of Peanuts by Pete Fountain, Doug Kershaw and Irma Thomas
  • XXV — January 27, 1991 / Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida / New York Giants def. Buffalo Bills, 20-19
    MVP: Ottis Anderson
    National Anthem: Whitney Houston
    Coin Toss: Pete Rozelle, former NFL commissioner
    Halftime: New Kids on the Block
    • Three words to sum up: Norwood Wide Right
    • Also the first Super Bowl played entirely after dark; something that would be the case in all subsequent Super Bowls played in the Eastern Time Zone.
    • Whitney Houston's rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" was popular enough to be released as a single, resulting in the only time the national anthem made the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100.
    • After years of marching bands, multimedia presentations and so much Up with People, New Kids on the Block become the first A-list headliner of a Super Bowl halftime show. However, they were not the sole focus of the show (which also featured the performances of Tampa-area children and Disney characters) and it was aired on tape delay after the game due to ABC News Gulf War coverage at halftime.
  • XXVI — January 26, 1992 / Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota / Washington Redskins def. Buffalo Bills, 37-24
    MVP: Mark Rypien
    National Anthem: Harry Connick, Jr.
    Coin Toss: Chuck Noll, Hall of Famer
    Halftime: Gloria Estefan, with Olympic figure skaters Brian Boitano and Dorothy Hamill, in celebration of winter
    • Upstart network FOX successfully countered the halftime show with a special episode of In Living Color!.
  • XXVII — January 31, 1993 / Rose Bowl, Pasadena (Los Angeles), California / Dallas Cowboys def. Buffalo Bills, 52-17
    MVP: Troy Aikman
    National Anthem: Garth Brooks
    Coin Toss: O.J. Simpson, former Bills player
    Halftime: Michael Jackson
    • This game was originally slated to be played in Tempe, Arizona but was famously moved to Pasadena by the NFL when voters rejected a ballot initiative to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Realizing the loss of millions of dollars of revenue, Arizona quickly passed a new initiative approving the holiday two years later and the NFL rewarded them with hosting Super Bowl XXX, demonstrating the Super Bowl's considerable weight and influence on American politics.
    • This edition saw the halftime performances become a highlight in itself, thanks to Michael Jackson. Viewing numbers were higher for the halftime show than the rest of the game for the first time in history, and Jackson's performance is the Trope Maker for today's halftime spectacles.
  • XXVIII — January 30, 1994 / Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia / Dallas Cowboys def. Buffalo Bills, 30-13
    MVP: Emmitt Smith
    National Anthem: Natalie Cole, daughter of Nat King Cole
    Coin Toss: Joe Namath, Hall of Famer and Super Bowl III MVP, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Jets' upset win
    Halftime: A tribute to Country Music by Clint Black, Tanya Tucker, Travis Tritt, Brooks & Dunn and the Judds
    • First Super Bowl in which the same two teams met in consecutive years.
  • XXIX — January 29, 1995 / Joe Robbie Stadium (now Hard Rock Stadium), Miami (now Miami Gardens), Florida / San Francisco 49ers def. San Diego Chargers, 49-26
    MVP: Steve Young
    National Anthem: Kathie Lee Gifford
    Coin Toss: Otto Graham, Joe Greene, Ray Nitschke and Gale Sayers, inductees into the NFL's 75th Anniversary All-Time Team, and recent Hall of Fame inductees Steve Largent, Lee Roy Selmon and Kellen Winslow
    Halftime: Disney's Indiana Jones-themed presentation with Patti LaBelle, The Miami Sound Machine and Tony Bennett
    • 49ers QB Steve Young throws 6 touchdown passes, breaking the Super Bowl record of 5 thrown by Young's predecessor Joe Montana in SB XXIV.
    • The highest combined score in any Super Bowl, at 75 points.
    • First Super Bowl to have two teams from the same state (in this case, California)note .
  • XXX — January 28, 1996 / Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe (Phoenix), Arizona / Dallas Cowboys def. Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-17
    MVP: Larry Brown
    National Anthem: Vanessa Williams
    Coin Toss: Joe Montana, 3-time Super Bowl MVP and Hall of Famer, on behalf of the previous MVPs of the past three decades
    Halftime: Diana Ross
    • The Cowboys and Steelers become the first two teams to face one another at the Super Bowl three times (after Super Bowls X and XIII), with the Cowboys finally defeating the Steelers.
    • First Super Bowl in which the Lombardi Trophy was presented onfield at the end of the game.

    Super Bowls XXXI to XL
  • XXXI — January 26, 1997 / Louisiana Superdome (now Mercedes-Benz Superdome), New Orleans, Louisiana / Green Bay Packers def. New England Patriots, 35-21
    MVP: Desmond Howard
    National Anthem: Luther Vandross
    Coin Toss: Hank Stram, Mike Ditka, Tom Flores, Tom Landry, Chuck Noll and George Seifert, winning coaches from Super Bowls that were held in New Orleans
    Halftime: James Brown, ZZ Top and The Blues Brothers (Dan Aykroyd, John Goodman and James Belushi)
    • First Super Bowl televised by FOX.
  • XXXII — January 25, 1998 / Qualcomm Stadium (now SDCCU Stadium), San Diego, California / Denver Broncos def. Green Bay Packers, 31-24
    MVP: Terrell Davis
    National Anthem: Jewel
    Coin Toss: Doug Williams and Joe Gibbs, Redskins player (and MVP) and coach, respectively, who won the last Super Bowl held in San Diego, ten years ago, joined by Eddie Robinson, longtime coach of the Grambling State University Tigers
    Halftime: Boyz II Men, Smokey Robinson, Queen Latifah, Martha Reeves, The Temptations and The Four Tops, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Motown.
    • Broncos become the first AFC team since the Raiders in Super Bowl XVIII to win the Super Bowl.
  • XXXIII — January 31, 1999 / Pro Player Stadium (now Hard Rock Stadium), Miami (now Miami Gardens), Florida / Denver Broncos def. Atlanta Falcons, 34-19
    MVP: John Elway
    National Anthem: Cher
    Coin Toss: Raymond Berry, Lenny Moore, Jim Parker, Art Donovan, Gino Marchetti, Frank Gifford, Roosevelt Brown, Don Maynard, Sam Huff and Tom Landry, alumni of 1958 NFL Championship Game exactly 40 years ago, widely claimed to be the "Greatest Game Ever Played"
    Halftime: Gloria Estefan, Stevie Wonder and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, in celebration of soul, salsa and swing
  • XXXV — January 28, 2001 / Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida / Baltimore Ravens def. New York Giants, 34-7
    MVP: Ray Lewis
    National Anthem: Backstreet Boys
    Coin Toss: MVP and coach from the last two Super Bowls held in Tampa — Ottis Anderson and Bill Parcells from the Giants (XXV), and Marcus Allen and Tom Flores from the Raiders (XVIII)
    Halftime: Aerosmith, *NSYNC, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, and Nelly
    • If not for Ron Dixon's 97-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the third quarter, the Giants would've become the first team to ever be shut out in the Super Bowl. Hilariously enough, Jermaine Lewis returned the ensuing kickoff 84 yards for a touchdown, making this the only Super Bowl to feature two kickoff return touchdowns, and they occurred on back-to-back kickoffs, nonetheless. Even wilder was the fact that that was the third consecutive scoring play in that sequence; Dixon's return was preceded by Duane Starks's interception of a Kerry Collins pass, and returning that for a touchdown.
    • The Ravens became the last #4 seeded wildcard to reach the Super Bowl, as the 2002-03 season amended the seeding system so that the first 4 seeds are awarded to division winners and the last 2 seeds are the wildcards.
Click here to see the original logo for Super Bowl XXXVI.
  • XXXVI — February 3, 2002 / Louisiana Superdome (now Mercedes-Benz Superdome), New Orleans, Louisiana / New England Patriots def. St. Louis Rams, 20-17
    MVP: Tom Brady
    National Anthem: Mariah Carey
    Coin Toss: President George W. Bush and Roger Staubach, Hall of Famer and MVP of Super Bowl VI, held 30 years ago in New Orleans
    Halftime: U2
    • First Super Bowl played in February, as the 9/11 attacks pushed the entire NFL schedule back a week that year. Patriots QB Tom Brady leads a 4th quarter drive to set up the game-winning field goal by Adam Vinateri.
    • The logo was redesigned to cash in on the wave of Patriotic Fervor that had swept up the country in the ensuing year.
    • The halftime also saw a heartfelt tribute by U2 to the victims of 9/11, singing "Where the Streets Have No Name" as their names are scrolled on a large piece of cloth.
    • Last game to feature the long-running TV announcing crew of Pat Summerall and John Madden, who worked together for 21 seasons on CBS (1981-94) and FOX (1994-2002).
    • George H.W. Bush becomes the first US president to participate in a Super Bowl coin toss in person (Ronald Reagan had participated via satellite during Super Bowl XIX).
  • XXXVII — January 26, 2003 / Qualcomm Stadium (now SDCCU Stadium), San Diego, California / Tampa Bay Buccaneers def. Oakland Raiders, 48-21
    MVP: Dexter Jackson
    National Anthem: Dixie Chicks
    Coin Toss: Don Shula, Bob Griese, Larry Csonka, Larry Little, Jim Langer, Nick Buoniconti and Paul Warfield, alumni of the 1972 Dolphins that enjoyed a 17-0 season, including winning Super Bowl VII 30 years ago
    Halftime: Shania Twain, No Doubt and Sting
    • Last Super Bowl played in January.
    • Known as the Gruden Bowl, as Buccaneers' then-head coach Jon Gruden was Oakland's head coach from 1998 to 2001 before he got traded to Tampa Baynote .
    • Also known as the Pirate Bowl, due to both teams involved having pirate-related logos.
  • XXXIX — February 6, 2005 / ALLTEL Stadium (now TIAA Bank Field), Jacksonville, Florida / New England Patriots def. Philadelphia Eagles, 24-21
    MVP: Deion Branch
    National Anthem: Combined choirs of the United States Military, Naval, Air Force and Coast Guard Academies, together with the United States Army Trumpet Herald
    Coin Toss: Tyler Callahan, Tyler Deal, Lawrence McCauley and Jacob Santana, youth players, accompanied by their coach Tamaris Jackson
    Halftime: Paul McCartney
  • XL — February 5, 2006 / Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan / Pittsburgh Steelers def. Seattle Seahawks, 21-10
    MVP: Hines Ward
    National Anthem: Aaron Neville, Aretha Franklin and Dr. John
    Coin Toss: Tom Brady, 2-time Super Bowl MVP and the first active player to officiate the ceremony, on behalf of all past MVPs of the past four decades
    Halftime: The Rolling Stones
    • Take a look at that eXtra Large logo!
    • Don't ask Seattle fans to comment on the quality of the officiating.
    • Last Super Bowl televised by ABC. Also the last NFL game overall carried by ABC until the 2015 NFL playoffs; when ABC simulcast ESPN's coverage of that season's AFC wild-card game between the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs.
    • The ripples of Nipplegate continue here, with the Stones being forced to censor two tame-by-2006-standards songs during their halftime show.
    • The Steelers become the first #6 seed team to win the Super Bowl.
    • Ben Roethlisberger becomes the youngest quarterback (23 years, 11 months, 4 days) to start at a Super Bowl.

    Super Bowls XLI to 50
  • XLI — February 4, 2007 / Dolphin Stadium (now Hard Rock Stadium), Miami Gardens (Miami), Floridanote ) / Indianapolis Colts def. Chicago Bears, 29-17
    MVP: Peyton Manning
    National Anthem: Billy Joel
    Coin Toss: Dan Marino, former Dolphins superstar and Hall of Famer, together with Norma Hunt, widow of Lamar Hunt, former Chiefs owner who gave the name "Super Bowl"
    Halftime: Prince, joined by Florida A&M University's Marching 100
    • First Super Bowl played in rainy conditions.
    • Bears return specialist Devin Hester becomes the first player in Super Bowl history to return the opening kickoff for a touchdown. The return takes a mere 14 seconds, making it the quickest the first TD has ever been scored in a Super Bowl, a record that still stands. It was also the quickest a team had ever taken the first lead in a Super Bowl, until Super Bowl XLVIII.
    • Prince's halftime show is considered one of the best, if not the best, Super Bowl halftime show ever. He even played "Purple Rain" in the purple(-lit) rain at the end.
    • Featured the end of two Super Bowl appearance droughts: The Colts' first since Super Bowl V in the 1970-71 season, when they were the Baltimore Colts, and the Bears' first since their iconic Super Bowl XX victory in the 1985-86 season.
    • The Colts' Tony Dungy and the Bears' Lovie Smith became the first African-American coaches to coach in the Super Bowl, with the Colts' Dungy becoming the first to win one.
  • XLII — February 3, 2008 / University of Phoenix Stadiumnote  (now State Farm Stadium), Glendale (Phoenix), Arizona / New York Giants def. New England Patriots, 17-14
    MVP: Eli Manning
    National Anthem: Jordin Sparks
    Coin Toss: Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice and Steve Young, 49ers veterans, in honor of their recently-deceased Hall of Famer coach Bill Walsh, accompanied by Bill's children Craig and Elizabeth
    Halftime: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    • When 18-1 gets you second place.note 
    • Featuring one of the most memorable plays in Super Bowl history. Eli Manning (QB of the Giants) evades a sack to throw a pass to David Tyree who somehow catches the ball pressing it against his helmet to keep a drive alive that would ultimately result in the game winning touchdown and establish Eli Manning as more than just Peyton's baby brother. The Mannings become the first brothers to get named Super Bowl MVPs (back-to-back, too).
    • This was a rematch of the week 17 game between the two teams, which the Patriots won 38-35.
    • The Giants become the first NFC wildcard team (in their case, #5 seed) to win the Super Bowl.
  • XLIII — February 1, 2009 / Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida / Pittsburgh Steelers def. Arizona Cardinals, 27-23
    MVP: Santonio Holmes
    National Anthem: Jennifer Hudson
    Coin Toss: Gen. David Petraeus, former CIA director
    Halftime: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
    • The 11th and final Super Bowl (and final NFL game) to feature John Madden as a TV commentator.
    • The most memorable moment of the halftime show (from the TV viewers' perspective) was Springsteen sliding into the camera offstage, crotch first.
    • Ads were considered at the time to be a marker of the depths of the Great Recession, with almost every major automaker opting out and now-defunct (a mail-order/internet pawn service) running an ad featuring one of the last public appearances of Ed McMahon.
  • XLIV — February 7, 2010 / Sun Life Stadium (now Hard Rock Stadium), Miami Gardens (Miami), Florida / New Orleans Saints def. Indianapolis Colts, 31-17
    MVP: Drew Brees
    National Anthem: Carrie Underwood
    Coin Toss: Emmitt Smith, 2010 Hall of Fame inductee, on behalf of all his fellow 2010 inductees
    Halftime: The Who
    • Last to use a uniquely designed logo.
    • The Saints famously pulled off a risky move to start the second half (they were down 10-6 at halftime) by having kicker Thomas Morstead make an onside kick that bounced off the facemask of Colts wide receiver Hank Baskett. The Saints successfully recovered the ball after many players piled up on it, which took officials over a minute to separate. They would then drive it to the end zone to take the lead. The Colts then took the lead back, but the Saints completed another field goal to narrow it down to 17-16 by the fourth quarter. Afterwards, the Saints would score another fourteen unanswered points, which included the game-winning 74-yard pick six by Saints cornerback Tracy Porter.
  • XLV — February 6, 2011 / Cowboys Stadium (now AT&T Stadium), Arlington (Dallas-Fort Worth), Texas / Green Bay Packers def. Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25
    MVP: Aaron Rodgers
    National Anthem: Christina Aguilera
    Coin Toss: Deion Sanders, 2011 Hall of Fame inductee, on behalf of all his fellow 2011 inductees
    Halftime: The Black Eyed Peas, with Usher and Slash
    • First to use the standardized logo, much to the dismay of graphic artists.
    • This halftime show is widely considered to be one of the worst of the modern era, and is widely considered to have helped kill the career of headliners the Black Eyed Peas.
    • The Packers became the first #6 seed NFC team to win the Super Bowl.
  • XLVI — February 5, 2012 / Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana / New York Giants def. New England Patriots, 21-17
    MVP: Eli Manning
    National Anthem: Kelly Clarkson
    Coin Toss: John Parry, referee
    Halftime: Madonna, featuring LMFAO, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj and Cee Lo Green
    • A rematch of four years prior with another Giants win.
    • One of the most bizarre plays in Super Bowl history resulted in the last Giants Touchdown. The Giants had the ball at the six and had called a run play. The New England Defense intentionally let the running back (Ahmad Bradshaw) through to score in order to get the ball back with time on the clock and a timeout. When Bradshaw recognized what was up, he had too much momentum to stop and was carried arse forward into the end zone. Ultimately the Patriots failed to score again giving the Giants the win.
    • The Giants became the first team with less than 10 wins in the regular season (9-7) to win the Super Bowl (The Los Angeles Rams at Super Bowl XIV and the Arizona Cardinals at Super Bowl XLII also had 9-7 records, but lost their games. Coincidentally, both were defeated by the Pittsburgh Steelers).
    • During Madonna's halftime performance, British rapper M.I.A. flipped off the camera instead of singing a swear in one of the songs. The fallout and litigation from that incident dragged on for several years, but didn't become a national controversy the way that Nipplegate did eight years before. The NFL and M.I.A. ultimately settled out of court in 2014.
  • XLVII — February 3, 2013 / Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana / Baltimore Ravens def. San Francisco 49ers, 34-31
    MVP: Joe Flacco
    National Anthem: Alicia Keys
    Coin Toss: Larry Allen, Cris Carter, Curley Culp, Warren Sapp, Bill Parcells, Jonathan Ogden and Dave Robinson, 2013 Hall of Fame inductees
    Halftime: Beyoncé and Destiny's Child
    • The power went out for about half the stadium in the middle of the 3rd quarter.
    • First Super Bowl since the 2002 season not to feature Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, or Peyton Manning as the AFC team's starting quarterback.
    • Also called the Harbaugh Bowl or HarBowl, as coaches Jim and John Harbaugh are brothers.
    • Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones becomes the first player in Super Bowl history to return the second half's opening kickoff for a touchdown. The 108-yard return becomes the longest play in Super Bowl history. Jones had previously scored on a touchdown reception in the second quarter, making him the only player in Super Bowl history to have a receiving touchdown and a return touchdown in the same game.
  • XLVIII — February 2, 2014 / MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford (New York City area), New Jersey / Seattle Seahawks def. Denver Broncos, 43-8
    MVP: Malcolm Smith
    National Anthem: Renée Fleming
    Coin Toss: Joe Namath and Phil Simms, MVPs and Hall of Famers
    Halftime: Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • First northern Super Bowl to be subject to cold outdoor conditions (though it was 49°F (7°C) at kickoff, only the third-coldest in Super Bowl history after VI and IX), and the first to be officially hosted by two states (New York, the location of the nearest major city, and New Jersey, where the stadium actually is).
    • Also jokingly called the Super "Bowl" (get it?),note  Bud Bowl, Weed Bowl, and variants, as Washington and Colorado were the first two states, and the only ones at the time, to legalize marijuana for recreational use.note 
    • Was over before it started when on the very first post-kickoff play, Denver center Manny Ramirez accidentally snapped the ball too early, causing it to fly past Denver quarterback Peyton Manning who was shifting to call an audible. Denver recovered the ball in the scramble, but got tackled in their end zone, resulting in a safety and the earliest score in Super Bowl history at 12 seconds. It was all downhill from there for the Broncos as they didn't get what would be their only touchdown and two-point conversion that night until the last play of the third quarter, when the Seahawks were up 36 points.
    • One year after the aforementioned Jacoby Jones becomes the first player in Super Bowl history to return the second half's opening kickoff for a touchdown, Seattle's Percy Harvin duplicates the feat. Unlike Jones's touchdown, Harvin's return is a mere 87 yards.
  • XLIX — February 1, 2015 / University of Phoenix Stadium (now State Farm Stadium), Glendale (Phoenix), Arizona / New England Patriots def. Seattle Seahawks, 28-24
    MVP: Tom Brady
    National Anthem: Idina Menzel
    Coin Toss: Tedy Bruschi, linebacker and two-time All-Pro selection, and Kenny Easley, one of the best safeties in NFL history, representing the Patriots and Seahawks, respectively
    Halftime: Katy Perry with Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliott and the Arizona State University Sun Devil Marching Band
    • Down to the Last Play incarnate. The game was decided by a nail-biter featuring rookie Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler intercepting a desperate throw by Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson with 26 seconds remaining, itself a really controversial call for the Seahawks.
      • This also led to two dumb moves by the Seahawks; an encroachment that got Patriots quarterback Tom Brady five yards out of the end zone to take a kneel to run the clock, then instigate a brawl that led to Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin to be the first player to ever be ejected from the Super Bowl and add another fifteen yards away from the end zone.
    • Like last year, it was a case where Seattle's "Legion of Boom" went against an offense headed by another big-name quarterback (this time Tom Brady). Also, this was second time in a row that the number one seeds of each conference went face-to-face, with Seattle being number one in the NFC both these times.
    • The Patriots win their first trophy and their first Super Bowl not against the New York Giants in exactly a decade (XXXIX in 2005). Also, in a way, the win helped exorcise the demons of seven years ago, when what was supposed to be their 19-game, season-long streak to the title was spoiled by the Giants at the same venue.
      • In fact, this game had a David Tyree-esque moment; Seahawks wide receiver Jermaine Kearse made a juggling catch that would have helped the Seahawks win the game had Butler (who helped tip the ball into Kearse's arms) not made the interception.
    • The game saw Tom Brady tie his childhood idol Joe Montana for most MVP trophies with three, as well as joining Montana and Terry Bradshaw for most Super Bowl wins at four, while setting a new record in terms of completions (37) and touchdown passes (13).
    • Madden NFL made its first-ever exact final score prediction with this game, with the bonus of predicting that New England would be down 14-24 in the third quarter. The person on the cover of the game used (Madden NFL 15)? Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.
    • There was also a controversy called "Deflategate" which concerned whether or not New England deliberately deflated their provided footballs for the AFC Championship Game to gain an advantage. (The Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 in that game, with the offending footballs being removed at halftime, when the Patriots were ahead 17-7). Please leave it at that.
    • Also, Katy Perry's Left Shark.
  • 50note  — February 7, 2016 / Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara (San Francisco Bay Area), California / Denver Broncos def. Carolina Panthers, 24-10
    MVP: Von Miller
    National Anthem: Lady Gaga
    Coin Toss: Joe Montana, three-time Super Bowl MVP
    Halftime: Coldplay with Bruno Marsnote  and Beyoncé. This halftime included a montage of prior Super Bowl halftime show performances on the stage.
    • Dubbed the Golden Bowl, a triple pun on California's nickname of the Golden State, the fact that the San Francisco 49ers (home tenant of Levi's Stadium) are named after the miners of the 1849 gold rush, and that 50th anniversaries are known as golden anniversaries. Oh, and there was also a 18-karat gold-plated "50" trophy to go with the standard Vince Lombardi Trophy. In addition to all that, the corporation whose name is on the stadium got its start making durable pants for the 1849-1850 gold miners.
    • The third year in a row that the Super Bowl featured the two #1 seeds in each conference.
    • Featured the first ever Super Bowl matchup between two #1 overall draft picks, Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos and Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers.
    • Peyton Manning, at the time, became the oldest ever quarterback to start a Super Bowl (aged 39, taking the record from John Elway at age 38, the last QB to win the SB with Denver) and the first quarterback to win the Super Bowl with two different teams (having previously won Super Bowl XLI with Indianapolis).
    • Heavy speculation involving Manning's future played a large part in the build-up to the game, with it possibly being, in his own words, "his last rodeo." Peyton was even asked twice about whether or not he would retire following the conclusion of the game, to which he replied he would take some time to think before making a decision. (He eventually announced his retirement on March 7, 2016.)
    • This game saw Peyton Manning becoming the first quarterback to win 200 total games (including playoffs), one more than Brett Favre.
    • Several records were broken in this game, including the longest punt return in a Super Bowl, the fewest total yards by the winning team, the most sacks between both teams, and the aforementioned oldest quarterback to start, and win, a Super Bowl.
      • Several other records were tied: most sacks by a single player in a Super Bowl (3 by Kony Ealy, tied with SB XXVI), most fumble recoveries by a single player in a Super Bowl (2 by Danny Trevathan), most fumble recoveries converted to touchdowns by a single player in a Super Bowl (1 by Malik Jackson), most 2 point conversions in a Super Bowl (1 by Bennie Fowler), and most Super Bowl games played (8 by Denver, with a 3-5 record, tied with Pittsburgh with a 6-2 record, Dallas with a 5-3 record, and New England with a 4-4 record at the time of SB 50)

    Super Bowls LI to LX
  • LI — February 5, 2017 / NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas / New England Patriots def. Atlanta Falcons, 34-28 (OT)
    MVP: Tom Brady
    National Anthem: Luke Bryan
    Coin Toss: George H.W. and Barbara Bush, 41st US President and First Lady
    Halftime: Lady Gaga
    • Ninth overall Super Bowl appearance for the Patriots, the most of any team outright, and the seventh under Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.
      • Speaking of Brady, for him this game also exorcised the demons of "Deflategate", considering he had to serve his four-game suspension at the start of the 2016 season for his alleged involvement in that scandal. His year was, on almost every count, a record-breaking year across multiple stats. To Pats fans, he got his "revenge" on Commissioner Roger Goodell with the win. (Again, please leave it at that.)
    • First time in the standardized logo era where said logo is colorized, including the bar that says "Super Bowl",note  and the lettering has been changed so now it appears alongside the Vince Lombardi Trophy in blockier font.note  The bar color is red.
    • First Super Bowl to go into overtime. New England overcame a 28-3 deficit to put the game into overtime, making it the largest comeback in Super Bowl history.
    • More than 30 records were broken or tied in this game, including the ones already mentioned above.
  • LII — February 4, 2018 / U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota / Philadelphia Eagles def. New England Patriots, 41-33
    MVP: Nick Foles
    National Anthem: P!nk
    Coin Toss: Various Medal of Honor recipients with Hershel "Woody" Williams tossing the coin itself
    Halftime: Justin Timberlake
    • Yes, Timberlake performed the halftime show again fourteen years after the infamous Wardrobe Malfunction. No, Janet Jackson did not appear and a lot of people were pissed that she wasn't even asked. A rumored *NSYNC reunion also did not happen. The show also featured a controversial tribute to Prince which was originally supposed to be a hologram before it was pointed out that Prince hated that kind of stuff in real life. Instead, Timberlake performed against a tarp with video of Prince projected onto it. However, the real star of that show was the "selfie kid" who managed to catch a selfie with Justin as he was performing "Can't Stop the Feeling!", and proceeded to become a meme.
    • Tom Brady made his eighth Super Bowl appearance, the most for any individual player as well as for any player on the same team; Brady also surpassed Peyton Manning as the oldest quarterback (aged 40) to start in a Super Bowl. Bill Belichick made his eighth Super Bowl appearance as a head coach, and eleventh overall when including his first three appearances as a defensive coordinator under Bill Parcels, earning Belichick the record for most appearances by a person in a Super Bowl in any capacity. The Patriots also broke the record for most Super Bowl appearances by a team, this being their tenth appearance.
    • For the second time in franchise history, the New England Patriots played their third Super Bowl in four years, with only a two year separation between the first and second Super Bowls in said four year period. Even better, the Eagles, just like before in Super Bowl XXXIX, are the third team in the four year period that the Pats had to face off. However, Philadelphia got to turn things around this time, get revenge on the Pats, and win their first ever Super Bowl.
    • This was the tenth year since the infamous 18-1 season, and once again, the New England Patriots found themselves facing an NFC East team heavily considered an underdog, for the title. Unlike before, NE already faced (and defeated) Tom Coughlin. But, just like a decade before, the NFC East underdog won.
    • The two teams combined for 1,152 yards, the most total yards in any NFL game ever.
    • Nick Foles became the first quarterback to catch a touchdown pass, when the Eagles used a trick play on 4th and goal to score by passing it to Foles. This play would become known as the Philly Special. Tom Brady almost caught a pass in the game as well, but dropped it.
    • Foles also became the third quarterback in history, and the first in nearly three decades, to win the Super Bowl after making three or fewer starts in the regular season.
    • The bar color in the logo is blue.
    • The Patriots' final score of 33 points becomes the highest losing score in Super Bowl history, breaking the previous record of 31 by the Dallas Cowboys at Super Bowl XIII and the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl XLVII.
  • LIII — February 3, 2019 / Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia / New England Patriots def. Los Angeles Rams, 13-3
    MVP: Julian Edelman
    National Anthem: Gladys Knight
    Coin Toss: Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.
    Halftime: Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi
    • The bar color in the logo is navy blue.
    • This was an old-school defensive football game. This is the first Super Bowl where no touchdowns were scored in the first three quarters, with the score being 3-3 by the end of the third. The Patriots would score the only touchdown of the game about halfway in the fourth, and with a game-winning field goal made by Stephen Gostkowski with 72 seconds left, the two teams' combined score of 16 would end up being the lowest-scoring Super Bowl game ever, with the Patriots getting the lowest score by a Super Bowl-winning team at 13 and the Rams tying the lowest score for a Super Bowl-losing team at 3.
    • The Patriots, Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick extend their appearance records, this being the eleventh Super Bowl appearance for the team, the ninth for Brady, and the twelfth for Belichick.
    • The Patriots tie the Pittsburgh Steelers' record of six Super Bowl wins, getting all six of them with Brady and Belichick, both of whom now have the record for most Super Bowls won as player and head coach, respectively. Belichick also now won the most Super Bowls both as a coach and in any capacity at eight.
    • For the third time, the Patriots face a rematch of a previous Super Bowl (XXXVI), taking place exactly 17 years later. Unlike the past two Super Bowl rematches, however, the Pats won instead.
    • Rams' head coach Sean McVay became the youngest head coach (aged 33 years, 10 days) to reach the Super Bowl. On the flip side, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady both became the oldest respective head coach and quarterbacknote  to win the Super Bowl (Belichick aged 66 years, 293 days; Brady aged 41 years, 183 days).
    • This year's halftime show was extremely controversial for a variety of reasons that we won't go into detail about here. As for the music itself, Maroon 5's performance was received poorly by critics and viewers.
    • First Super Bowl between both #2 seeds, and the first since Super Bowl XLVII to not feature a #1 seed.

Future Super Bowls - dates are tentative
  • LIV — February 2, 2020 / Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida
    • The bar color in the logo is teal. Also, the letters are made sleeker than the logos of the past three Super Bowls and they (along with the Lombardi Trophy) have gold accents to indicate that it's the fiftieth NFL championship game after the AFL-NFL merger.
  • LV — February 7, 2021 / Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida
  • LVI — February 6, 2022 / Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, Inglewood, California
  • LVII — February 5, 2023 / State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona
  • LVIII — February 4, 2024 / Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
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