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Recap / Stargate Universe S 2 E 19 Blockade

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The drones have blockaded all the stars that Destiny would normally recharge with. Eli comes up with a solution; they'll recharge by flying into a blue supergiant, because the drones haven't blockaded that type of star. The only problem is that Destiny doesn't use blue supergiants because they are too hot to transit and keep the crew safe.

So the crew offload through a wormhole, hoping to keep under the drones' radar, while Eli, Rush, and Park pilot the ship through the blue supergiant while wearing the exosuits. Things go sideways, both on Destiny and the planet.



  • Crazy Enough to Work – recharging the ship in a blue supergiant is the only option because the drones are blockading all the cooler stars that Destiny would normally recharge in.
  • Language Drift — the signs and newspaper are written in English with regularized spelling, so that a newspaper headline is written "ATAK!" Given that the original Novus colonists had Kinos but not paper, it's not surprising that the spoken language has been maintained, but the written language has drifted.
  • The Needs of the Many – Rush tells Park that they have to stop trying to rescue her because they have to concentrate on piloting the ship, which the entire crew needs to survive.

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