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Recap / Stargate Universe S 1 E 6 Water

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Having solved the problems with air and power, the Destiny is now facing a shortage of water. The ship drops out of FTL with a planet available by stargate, but the environment is so hostile that the only way to get water is by using the two available exosuits. Meanwhile, the water they do have is disappearing at an alarming late.


  • Kill It with Fire – Sgt. Greer is sure proud of his homemade flamethrower, and way too eager to use it.
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  • Motivational Lie – because water is the priority, both TJ and Rush lie to Col. Young about how grave the situation with the dust creatures is so he can focus on that. Eli has problems with this.
  • Starfish Aliens – the dust creatures that have been consuming the water are possibly trying to communicate, as they mimic human forms. It's uncertain whether are not they are sapient.
  • Surveillance as the Plot Demands – Young gets Eli to use the kino floating cameras to observe crew members.
  • You Are in Command Now – Young to TJ

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